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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

We want action on World Refugee Day. FREEDOM UNITED.


Dear David,

Shocking stories of migrants’ experience are pouring out from around the world. We have had enough! It is time to stand #WithRefugees.

In the US, an aggressive family separation policy is underway, in the UK citizens have risen up to stop the forcible deportation of a trafficking victim[1] and in the Mediterranean governments are turning back boats. Meanwhile, in Libya migrants are being sold in slave markets,[2] and similar slave-like conditions are now appearing in Algeria.[3]

On World Refugee Day, call for action!  

Government policy towards migrants has failed to consider the devastating impact of modern slavery on victims. We need to make it clear that their experience cannot be disregarded and ignored in the pursuit of aggressive migrant policies.

Join our call on the UN to formally investigate slave markets in Libya to stop this egregious practice, protect migrants and refugees from the risk of slavery in Libya and bring their traffickers to justice.

We are ready to flex our power. We believe that in order to really impact change and protect the lives of migrants in Libya, the first step must be launch an official UN investigation.

That’s why we’re asking if you can help grow the Freedom United campaign to call for Secretary-General Guterres to formally investigate slave markets in Libya. With evidence from an official investigation, the UN will be able to take the necessary steps toward securing freedom for these vulnerable migrants and refugees.

In solidarity,

Joanna, Miriam and the whole team at Freedom United

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Zero tolerance for zero tolerance. Jennifer Boysko, Run Everywhere.

Are you as shocked and disgusted as I am by the images of migrant children being ripped from their parents’ arms along our southern border?
The White House and the Justice Department have hidden behind the law, misapplied the Bible and, as always, blamed Democrats to deflect from the inhumanity of their zero-tolerance policy. 
The sad truth is that the President could end this travesty in an instant. But he’d rather use it as leverage to get his idiotic wall funded.
From health care to gun law reform, today’s Republican Party has shown that it is out of step with the wishes of the electorate. 
But forcibly separating kids from their parents is a new low.
Here in Virginia we saw how Republicans changed their tune about Medicaid expansion after progressives made stunning gains in November’s election.

It’s one thing to talk tough on immigration. It’s quite another to commit atrocities.
We are better than this,
Jennifer Boysko
Finance Chair, Virginia Democratic House Caucus
Chair of Run Everywhere



I celebrated Father’s Day this week with my children. As a father and a Christian, I am grateful everyday for the blessings of my family.

But these past few days have been full of stories of other families and children, daughters and sons separated from their parents at our border.

We are a nation founded on laws. And we must secure this land.

But we are also a nation founded on values. And we must live with integrity, courage, and humanity.

This crisis has been fueled in part by years of congressional inaction. If our Congress can’t come together now and protect young children, what can they do?

And if my opponent, Bob Gibbs, will not even talk about these children, what will he do? Time and again, Bob Gibbs is silent in the face of suffering.  

If he is waiting for political cover, he has it. Faith leader Franklin Graham, Former First Lady Laura Bush, Senator Ted Cruz, Governor John Kasich, and Senator Orrin Hatch are just a few members of Gibbs’ own party who have stepped up, stepped forward, and condemned the separation of children from their parents at the border.

But it should not take political cover to do the right thing. Our Congressman should have the wisdom to act.

Courage. Integrity. Humanity. These are the values of the nation I risked my life to defend. I agree with Laura Bush: we must find “a kinder, more compassionate and more moral answer to this current crisis.”

And we must do it now.

In service,


Photos from this weekend’s March to Demand Action on Gun Violence. CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE PAT RYAN.

Hi David -- What an amazing weekend. My team and I marched on Saturday with students, parents, teachers, and activists to send a message to our current Representative John Faso, who has taken $45K from the NRA and has been silent on the issue of making our schools, churches, and streets safer. We collected dozens of letters along the way from high school students and activists and delivered them to his office to demand that he take action on the gun violence epidemic we face.
We started at the FDR House in Hyde Park and finished at Rep. Faso’s office in Kingston with truly an amazing turnout. Thanks to Hudson Valley Stands UpNew Yorkers Against Gun Violence, and Karen Smythe for NYS Senate for standing with us!
My parents walked alongside me for the first stretch of the march. My mom is a retired Kingston Elementary School teacher and one of the reasons I hold this issue so close to my heart. Here’s a photo of us on the Walkway Over the Hudson.
I’m inspired by the leadership from students at Hudson Valley Stands Up who came out to march and speak during the middle of their finals week.
Here’s a photo of my incredible wife Rebecca who marched the entire way with me and my team. I’m so lucky to have a partner so driven and dedicated to fighting for a better world. Couldn’t do this without her. Love you Rebecca!
There were some truly powerful signs made my activists at Saturday’s march. Here are a few that made an impact on me:
Here’s a photo of us making our way to Rosendale. Our interns Evan, Eli and Niall marched with us the entire 30 miles. They led walkouts at their high school to demand action on gun violence. I’m so grateful to have these three on our team fighting for change in our community.
A lot of politicians will talk the talk on gun violence, but our campaign is the only one walking the walk. When we reached Faso’s office, we were met with cheers from activists waiting to rally with us. Students from Hudson Valley Stands Up spoke at our rally. You can watch a video of their speeches here.
We’ve reached a moment in our country where we have an opportunity to take action on the issue of gun violence. Over 60% of Americans want to reinstate the Federal assault weapons ban, but our country is lacking leaders with the moral courage to put an end to the violence.
Now just [D-06] from our primary here in NY-19. We’re pushing hard this last week. If you’d like to join in our efforts, reach out. We can’t do this without you.
Thanks and talk soon,


This is big news. Today, the Cook Political Report upgraded our race from “Toss Up” to “Leans Democratic.” It’s hard to overstate just how big of a deal this is. The Cook Report is one of the most highly respected, independent reports predicting elections in the country. While this ratings change is great news, it is no guarantee we will win in November.

Barbara Comstock has a reputation as a ruthless campaigner, and now that we’ve seen this ratings upgrade, we are sure to see mega-donors dumping millions of dollars into this race to keep her in office. We simply cannot let that happen.

We know we ask a lot... Even though the winds are blowing in our favor, this is still going to be one of the toughest races in the country.

Team Wexton


Hi David,

The Listening Tour was incredible.  As I traveled the district for 24 hours straight, I was able to hear the issues and needs directly from folks in unlikely places. We heard stories of struggle from homeless men and women at a tent city in Howell, from young adults fearing racial discrimination at a diner, and from parents fighting for better safety in schools. This is something Chris Smith hasn’t done in 24 years! Please check-out my 24-hour listening tour on Facebook. For a complete listing of all stops including links to the videos please see below:

Friday June 15th
Saturday June 16th

Leadership is about listening. In the meantime, please like, share on FB and reach out to us at info@welleforcongress.com or (732)-784-7179.

*The stars above represent all of the stops during the 24 hour listening tour
Thank you,


Dear David,

I am honored and excited to receive the endorsement of IBEW Local 756!
"Steve earned our support with his passion for healthcare, education, and our community. Working families need a friend in Congress they can rely on to put people before profits, and Steve Sevigny is that person." - Dan Hunt, IBEW 756

IBEW Local 756 represents over 300 electrical workers in the Sixth Congressional District and partners with educational institutions in our district to teach the trade. 
Sevigny Secures IBEW 756 Endorsement
Working families across the district and the nation need representation that will fight for our values - the right to organize and bargain, for everyone to be paid a living wage and treated with respect, and that believe that healthcare is a right. 
With your support, I will fight for those values every day.
I am honored to have this endorsement and excited to see our campaign grow every day.
Thank you,