Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Lighthouse, Storm, Ocean, Blender

The Captain of the Hesperus peered through his Spyglass and spoke
to the man next to him.
"Sorry Moore," he began,"I still don't see any sign of life, and we've
hailed them three times."
Joseph Moore was standing next to Captain Harvie and along with the Helmsman, were the only three occupants on the Bridge.  It was the day after Christmas, but there was no feeling of "Peace on Earth" or "Good will to Men" inside Moore.  The Lighthouse on the island of Eilean Mor was still dark, and there was no sign of his three comrades.
Captain Harvie continued, "When were about 150 yds out, I'll heave to and send in a landing party to investigate.  I assume you'll want to be part of it."
Moore nodded without looking at Harvie. "What could have happened," he thought to himself, "Why can't we make contact?" Moore knew that the bare flagpole, which was located near the living quarters, was a bad sign.

Distress signals indicating problems on the island, could be relayed to neighboring islands or passing ships by raising certain signal flags available to the Keepers stationed on the island.
Captain Harvie was usually annoyed when someone aboard his ship did not answer his questions with a prompt verbal reply. He considered it to be a breach of etiquette and disrespectful to his command.  However, this was different. He was familiar with the type of man it took to be a Lighthouse Keeper, and confrontation over this matter would lead to no good.  Ultimately, it was his responsibility to get the Light working again, and to find out why it went out.  He, therefore, would not risk antagonizing Moore.  This man was his best bet in finding the truth.

End PT 1.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

FICTION- Stories, Myths and Legends. A STORY OF TRUE LOVE, AND FAITH. PT 1.

Cabin, Forest, Seclusion, Outdoor

Many years ago there lived a man who traveled about the countryside. He was a Peddler, and made his living selling merchandise to local villages.  As time went on, he realized that he must expand his customer base, or go out of business.
This worried him, for it meant conducting trade with people he did not know, and who did not know him.  Nonetheless he set out, planning to call on towns and villages that were beyond his normal territory.
However, as fate would have it, he ran into immediate bad luck. As he approached the first village, a great storm erupted. Wind, rain and lightning made travel most difficult. Even worse, he carried his wares upon his back, for he could not afford a pack animal.
As he approached the first home, he thought to himself, " I just need shelter, and will ask no more." The Peddler arrived at the front door of a small , but well maintained cottage. Shivering, he knocked feebly on the front door.  After a few moments it opened and a stout and formidable looking man of no more than thirty years, answered.

"What do you want?", asked the figure in the doorway.

" Kind sir,"  replied the Peddler,  "I seek shelter from the storm. I am new to this Township, but hope to find new friends and customers from the good people who live here."
The Man frowned slightly, and with a sneer asked; "Do you accept Jesus as you lord and Savior?"
The Peddler was taken aback. No one had ever asked such a question.
"I am not a religious man,"  he stammered, "but I believe there is good in all of us, regardless of how we find it."  The man shook his head and with a sly smile closed the door. His last words, as the door was closing, chilled the already cold and frightened Peddler to the bone.

''We don't want your type around, you are godless."
End of PT 1.


FICTION- Stories, Myths and Legends. A STORY OF TRUE LOVE, AND FAITH. PT 4.

Woman, Praying, Believing, God, Person

Being a simple man with no illusions, I tried to grasp the meaning of what was being said. "Good Woman," I asked in earnest, "Why would your neighbors condemn honest people who act with great Charity, even though they are not Christian."

My host stared into the fire and shuddered. "It is well that you came upon me," she answered, "for you can leave this accursed township with your head held high. Those who govern this community rule by fear."

I stood up, and rubbing my hands together, approached the fireplace.  However, I still had questions.

"You are a woman in torment," I declared, "however, you seem to hold fast that Christianity is a system of belief that will not exploit others.  Why do you remain among those who proclaim Christian beliefs, but who violate the essential tenets set forth in scripture?"

My host stood up from her position by the fire and very slowly came over to me. She stood before me and with moistening eyes said, "They are not evil, but have lost their way.  If our savior sacrificed everything to redeem humanity, do I not have an obligation to continue his work?"

The next day I left.  However, I provided my benefactor with a quantity of worldly goods free of charge.  I may be a great trader, but she is dealing in higher stakes.

God help us all if she, and others like her, fail.

Date- 11/4/2013.

FICTION- Stories, Myths and Legends. A STORY OF TRUE LOVE, AND FAITH. PT 3.

Cabin, House, Home, Woods, Trees

As the door opened, the Peddler began to shake. "This is my last chance", he thought,  "I will say anything, for I cannot go on."

To his relief the figure in the doorway soon presented itself.  A small woman, perhaps half his size, looked up at him.  The Peddler was taken aback.  His possible benefactor was advanced in age and seemed to be on the edge of physical collapse.

The Peddler collected his wits, and with a sense of desperation began to speak.  "Good woman," he began, "I have traveled far, but I am in need of the hospitality of a person like you who would not turn away one in need." The Peddler braced himself for the expected interrogation, but it did not come.

"You poor man,"  was the reply, "come in and warm yourself by my humble fire.  I cannot offer much, but what I have is yours."  With that the woman turned and gestured for the Peddler to follow.

The Peddler entered, following the small figure.  The room he beheld was even more Spartan than he had imagined.  Very few pieces of furniture were present, and he watched as his host sat herself upon a rocking chair located near a large brick fireplace.  The fireplace seemed to dominate the room, for it provided the only illumination.  The Peddler sat down upon a small ottoman and rubbed his hands together.

Confused by this sudden change of fortune, he stammered, "I have no wish to cause you harm, but your neighbors rejected me because I am not a Christian.  Why do you offer me aid.  Will they not turn against you?"

The old woman began to laugh, and with a sigh turned to the peddler and replied:"Stranger, you are new to this place.  It was not always so, at one time all were welcome.  Unfortunately, the leaders of our community became convinced of their importance, which included controlling the spiritual life of all its' citizens.  This control would not tolerate dissension, so all those who opposed were either ostracized or banished.  They use Christianity as a tool to justify their personal prejudices.  In this manner, they subvert the true teaching of our lord."
(Look for PT.4)

FICTION- Stories, Myths and Legends. A STORY OF TRUE LOVE, AND FAITH. PT 2.

Storm Damage, Fir Forest, Firs, Fog

The Peddler was left standing at the front door as the rain continued to come down.
"I don't understand," he thought as he walked to the next cottage.  "I have never harmed this man, why would he turn me away?"

Unfortunately, it was only the beginning.  Despite the storm, the Peddler was denied sanctuary time and time again.

In each case he was asked if he accepted Jesus as his savior.  Being a man of principle, he told the truth.  "I respect what you believe," he would say, "but I am a man who has not studied such things.  I only seek refuge from the storm."

This honesty only seemed to doom the Peddler, for he reached the last cottage in despair.  He thought, "If they do not offer me shelter, where am I to go?"

As he approached the front door his heart sank.  The dwelling was small, compared to the others in the village.  Further, it had seen better days, for it was in a general state of disrepair.  In addition, the garden surrounding the cottage looked not to have been tended or cared for in quite some time.  The Peddler, however, was desperate.  He arrived at the front door, and with a heavy sigh, began to knock in earnest.  After a few moments the door started to open slowly...

End of PT 2.

Monday, October 24, 2016


Paper, Fire, Terrorism, Black, Word, Law

In Part 1, we looked at the Difference Between TERRORISTS, and the Traditional Military.  The Major Differences being the GOALS, COMBAT MISSION STRATEGY AND TACTICS, AND THE COMMAND AUTHORITY THAT DIRECTS ITS ACTIONS.

Now, if we look back through History, the Use of Fear and Terror to Intimidate the Civil Populations of Opponents and Enemies is Prevalent in Many, if not all, Wars and Conflicts.  

From the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia we have examples of the Roman Legions, Huns, Mongols as well as Christian and Moslem Military Forces, Among Many Others, engaging in Wars of Annihilation.  In Other Words, Surrender or Submit, or Face Massacre and Elimination.

In Modern Warfare, some Military Strategists Argued that Inflicting and Causing Grievous Harm to Civilian Populations, would lead to a Collapse of the Sitting Government, because the Non- Military Citizenry would Refuse to support a Continuation of The Conflict, to the Point of Removing those In Power.

However, History has shown that such Thinking has had Little Affect in Causing a General Uprising by the Resident Population, which would Lead to an Overthrow of the Individuals and Groups Controlling the Central Government.  It is still the Elimination, Suppression or Capitulation of the Opposing Military that leads to Victory.

What can we take from this Lesson?  Something that Many of Those Using the Strategy and Tactics of Terror Forget;  That Instilling Fear and Apprehension in a Population may cause a Temporary Change in the Daily Lives of Those Under Such Threats, but to Think it will Result in the Populace Turning Their Lives over to the Control of a Rival Power is an Unrealistic Fantasy Doomed to Failure.

That Leads to a Second Important Point; That Those who look at History, and Indicate the Times that Terror and Fear were used by Countries, Conquerors, and Armies, Against Population and Economic Centers, did so TO SUPPORT EXISTING MILITARY POLICY.  TERROR, BY ITSELF, WAS NEVER  

Date-  3/8/2015.

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Statue Of Liberty, Landmark, Liberty

So, in the end, we must ask the following Question:

Why, and What kind of Individuals and Groups have supported DONALD TRUMPS CANDIDACY,

As we have seen, Candidate Trump has no trouble speaking his mind, especially if it means disparaging an entire segment of society, be it GENDER, ETHNICITY, RELIGIOUS FAITH ,
SOCIAL AND/OR ECONOMIC STANDING etc. His Ability to use his Candidacy to Hurl False
and Baseless Accusations against Millions of Americans, along with Dire Threats if things don't
go his way, would seem to be the ANTITHESIS OF HOW SOMEONE SHOULD GO ABOUT

So what Type of Voter would find someone like this appealing? Could it be the Type of Voter who sees the Writing on the Wall, with a set of beliefs and attitudes that no longer wields the Political Influence they once did?

Beliefs and Attitudes such as;

-  Religious Intolerance.

-  Patriarchal Rule.

-  Racial and Ethnic Divisions
   enforced by law.

Among others...

In other words, the last desperate attempt to prevent Progressive Ideals from becoming the Norm in every facet of American Life. Concepts such as Justice. Equality, Freedoms, and Rights becoming
Universally applied to all, not just those who consider themselves Superior by some Convoluted
and Irrational View of how Society should be formed and governed.

Date- 10/24/2016.