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Thursday, September 21, 2017


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The RED HERRING is a common Logical Fallacy.  Unfortunately, sometimes it is hard to pick up on, because of its Flagrant Absurdity.

It is the Literal, "COMING OUT OF LEFT FIELD", type of response.  It catches many Debaters off guard, who try to find the Reasoning behind it, but cannot because it is Essentially Nonsensical. 

It is used for many different reasons, and with a little practice can be a Formidable Weapon to create Doubt and Dissension among Opponents and Casual Observers. 

It can be a Developed Skill, used to confuse the Issue at Hand, and directed at those unfamiliar with the Rules of Deductive Reasoning. 

Naturally, there are certain Professions that can turn this Fallacy into an Effective Tool.  It can be used to gain support, or influence others to make decisions that are not considered carefully, and without an eye towards possible Deception.

Here is an example;

Politicians-  There are many issues that a Constituency might consider important, but for those Voters voicing opinions that might come across as Narrow Minded, Prejudicial, or Self- Centered, when viewed by the Opposition or the Undecided, an Unscrupulous Politician can provide a "RED HERRING" that creates a Scapegoat or Phantom Enemy, to justify the opinions put forth by that part of the Electorate. 



Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Stop Graham-Cassidy. U.S. SENATOR MAGGIE HASSAN.

David — Here’s what you need to know about the horrific Graham-Cassidy bill, the latest version of Trumpcare that Republicans are trying to jam through the Senate:
♦ An estimated 32 MILLION people would lose coverage within 10 years
♦ It would END Medicaid expansion
♦ It rolls back coverage for women’s health and family planning
♦ It ends federal protections for people with pre-existing conditions, lifetime caps, and essential benefits
Reports indicate that Mitch McConnell is just one vote away from passing this devastating bill and repealing Obamacare, so each and every one of us needs to speak up now.
You’ve made your voice heard before, David. That’s why earlier this summer, Republicans failed to round up the votes they needed to pass their last cold-hearted bill.
But word is that John McCain, the GOP Senator often credited with stopping the health care bill from moving forward the last time around, might actually support this new version.
If we’re going to protect health care, we need to be louder than we’ve ever been... send a message to Senate Republicans: protect our coverage and DON’T repeal Obamacare.
Thanks for rolling up your sleeves in this fight,
Team Maggie.

URGENT: Trumpcare is back -- take action now. PLANNED PARENTHOOD.

It's here: the return of Trumpcare. In fact, it's the worst ACA repeal bill yet. And it is every bit as devastating to Planned Parenthood patients. 

Message your senators right now to tell them in NO WAY should they support the Graham-Cassidy bill, the newest attempt to take away our health care. 

Mitch McConnell has a deadline at the end of the month to force the latest health care repeal bill into law with only 51 votes. With the clock ticking, he's pulling out every dishonest trick he has to make it happen, even claiming that this new bill merely gives states more control instead of costing more and taking away health care. 

Don't be fooled: This toxic bill would still rip away health insurance from millions, raise premiums, restrict access to coverage and basic care like maternity care, and "defund" Planned Parenthood. Speak out now and tell your senators to reject this wolf in sheep's clothing at all costs. 

I know it feels as though these attacks are neverending — but the reason we've been able to stop them time and time again is because you've never given up. You've never walked away. And when we come together, when we speak with one voice, when we put our hearts and souls into this fight, we can't be ignored. 

No matter how many times you've spoken out, taking action again is the only thing that will help stop this catastrophic legislation. Tell your senators to reject this last-ditch, desperate attempt to take away health care from millions and "defund" Planned Parenthood health centers. 

Thank you once again for your willingness to act in urgent moments like this. I'm so glad to have your enduring support. 

Cecile Richards, President
Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Monday, September 18, 2017


Science, Sun, Eclipse, Total Eclipse

Remember one thing:  A Doctor or Lawyer dispensing advice or opinions on a network T.V. or radio 
program is mindful that the show is there primarily to entertain.  It might also educate, but that is secondary.

Often this means promoting, or at least not being critical of dubious and unproven health products, and offering legal advice without being sure of the true nature of the matter as it pertains to our legal system.

Acquiring the education and passing the necessary hurdles to legally practice Medicine or Law in the U.S. is a tremendous accomplishment, both intellectually and emotionally. You don't fake your way through Medical or Law school, you earn it.

However, what the general public must understand is that Doctors and Lawyers are, after all, still human beings. Dedicated and brilliant as they may seem, some will succumb to the influences of fame and easy money.  This can sometimes lead to questionable judgments that are not in the best interests of the Audience, Society or the Public Image of the given profession.

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

-  No MD is an expert in all fields of medicine, and no attorney is an expert in all parts of the law.  Is the opinion or advice really in their area of expertise, if not, how far removed are they?

-  To what degree will they profit in choosing one side over another, do they have a vested interest in the outcome?

-  Are they promoting themselves as having special knowledge or expertise that is not known or available to others?

-  Sometimes your judged by the company you keep.  Who are their allies?  What types of Individuals or groups agree with the opinions being offered, and who are opposed?

-  This last one especially applies to the medical field-  What type or manner of evidence is provided supporting their point of view?  Is it based on Proper Peer Reviewed Clinical Trials?  Can it withstand scrutiny by the Scientific Method?  How much of the evidence is anecdotal?  Anecdotal evidence is virtually useless in establishing the worth of any drug or treatment.

So, no matter who you are watching or listening to, always keep an open mind.
Your life may literally depend on it.

Look for future entries in this category.

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Dear David,

The World Bank signed a contract agreeing to suspend certain loans if evidence of forced labor was uncovered. Now, two years after we brought the World Bank’s attention to forced labor in Uzbekistan, as yet another harvest begins, it’s time to write directly to its President to demand an end to funding projects that benefit the cotton sector.

The World Bank’s goal is to reduce poverty through loans for developing countries. Right now, it is providing almost $500 million to Uzbek agriculture projects through its private sector lending arm, the International Finance Corporation. This includes irrigation systems in fields where citizens are forced to weed and harvest cotton.

We launched our campaign back in September 2015 and three months later, took it to the World Bank headquarters in Washington D.C., projecting images and video from the fields onto the building. Then in March 2016, we handed in 136,109 signatures to the World Bank President with our partners at the Cotton Campaign.
Meanwhile each year brings more documented proof showing forced labor continues on World Bank project sites, particularly in the poor and vulnerable region of Karakalpakstan.[1]
In Uzbekistan, the government operates the world’s largest state-run system of forced labor, in which more than a million citizens each year are forced under threat of penalty to produce cotton for a state-run enterprise that benefits government elite.

Citizens like Elena Urlaeva, who document state-sponsored forced labor in the cotton fields, are routinely detained, harassed and physically assaulted, while journalists who attempt to document the truth are detained and deported. This year teachers and healthcare professionals were coerced into weeding and preparing fields for the annual harvest, underway right now.

...Tell World Bank President Jim Yong Kim that the Bank must cease these loans that support state-administered forced labor in Uzbekistan!

In solidarity,

Joanna, Miriam, Kat and the Freedom United Team

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Stand up for Medicare for All. ROBERT REICH, FORMER LABOR SECRETARY.

David --

In the last 48 hours, the historic Medicare for All bill introduced by Sen. Bernie Sanders and an All-Star team of U.S. Senators -- including Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Jeff Merkley, Tammy Baldwin, Kirsten Gillibrand, Cory Booker, Mazie Hirono and Al Franken -- has turned some heads, including the Tweeter-in-Chief currently occupying the Oval Office.

Apparently frightened by the media momentum of Bernie’s bill, Donald Trump impulsively launched these two puzzling tweets to his 38 million Twitter followers (and Russian bots):
Trump Tweets
Donald Trump can threaten all he wants. But it’s telling that he sees a world in which every single person could have access to health care without financial stress as a "curse."

For far too long, we’ve let wealthy millionaires like Donald Trump define health care as a privilege -- and too many of our politicians have been happy to play along. It’s time for the people of this country to stand up and make it clear that health care is an undeniable human right.

That’s why I’m working with Democracy for America to build public support for Medicare for All. We’re collecting the signatures of DFA members across the country, then delivering them to Congressional leaders -- including Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan -- to show them just how wide and deep the support for a single-payer system has become.

Some politicians still speak about Medicare for All as if it were a political impossibility. But the fact of the matter is that public support for Medicare for All has never been stronger.
A Gallup poll conducted in May found that a majority of Americans would support such a system. A poll by the Pew Research Center shows that such support is growing, with 60 percent of Americans now saying government should be responsible for ensuring health care coverage for all Americans -- up from 51 percent last year.

Democrats have been wisely seizing the moment. In the House, the single-payer bill introduced by Rep. John Conyers has gathered the support of a record number of representatives and a majority of the Democratic caucus. And Bernie’s 15 co-sponsors include a broad cross-section of Senate Democrats, many of whom announced their support for single-payer health care for the first time on Wednesday.

Bernie’s bill is a model for where this nation needs to be headed, and we need to make it clear to leadership on both sides of the aisle that it has the support of the American people.
Thanks for standing with me, Bernie, and the American people in favor of Medicare for All.

- Robert Reich.
Former Labor Secretary

David McDonald