Tuesday, September 27, 2016


( The following is a work of fiction, but is based on a real event.
All the names, locations and dates are taken from case studies of the actual event.)

Lighthouse, Storm, Ocean, Blender

The Captain of the Hesperus peered through his Spyglass and spoke
to the man next to him.

"Sorry Moore," he began,"I still don't see any sign of life, and we've
hailed them three times."

Joseph Moore was standing next to Captain Harvie, and along with the Helmsman, were the only three occupants on the Bridge.  It was the day after Christmas, but there was no feeling of "Peace on Earth" or "Good will to Men" inside Moore.  The Lighthouse on the island of Eilean Mor was still dark, and there was no sign of his three comrades.

Captain Harvie continued, "When were about 150 yds out, I'll heave to and send in a landing party to investigate.  I assume you'll want to be part of it." 

Moore nodded without looking at Harvie. "What could have happened," he thought to himself, "Why can't we make contact?" Moore knew that the bare flagpole, which was located near the living quarters, was a bad sign.
Distress signals indicating problems on the island, could be relayed to neighboring islands or passing ships by raising certain signal flags available to the Keepers stationed on the island.

Captain Harvie was usually annoyed when someone aboard his ship did not answer his questions with a prompt verbal reply. He considered it to be a breach of etiquette and disrespectful to his command.  However, this was different. He was familiar with the type of man it took to be a Lighthouse Keeper, and confrontation over this matter would lead to no good.  Ultimately, it was his responsibility to get the Light working again, and to find out why it went out.  He, therefore, would not risk antagonizing Moore.  This man was his best bet in finding the truth.

End of PT 1.