Friday, September 30, 2016

Fiction- Stories, Myths and Legends. REWARD FOR THE FALLEN. PT 2.

The Names of the Honored Dead.
Memorial Wall Text

The man shook his head in bewilderment and continued on his quest to find the end of the trail.
However, things began to get more confusing.  Now his journey was often interrupted by individuals who spoke in languages he could not identify.  Almost as strange was the array of clothing that outfitted some of those who blocked his path.  

Often they were quite colorful and very extravagant.  Yet, at other times they seemed quite simple, often consisting of a plain tunic or robe.  Attire on the head and feet also represented both ends of the spectrum.  It could be a helmet or cap accompanied with boots, or bare-headed with sandals.
It was not just the clothes that became more varied.  Individuals came in all sizes with many different skin colors being represented.  From time to time the newcomer was a woman, who treated him with identical solemnness.
The man was becoming extremely frustrated, but that only seemed to strengthen his resolve to complete the journey.  There were a couple of more things that lifted his spirits.  He knew, inexplicably , that each person was dressed in some type of uniform.  Additionally, that they all were evaluating him and the judgment was universally positive, whether or not he understood the words spoken.  It was the tone of voice that came through loud and clear.

End of PT 2.
Date- 10/20/2013.