Sunday, January 1, 2017


Capsize, Sailing Ship, Stuck, Wrack

Example of a story, that emphasizes the Paranormal Normal reputation of this "Area" located in the Atlantic Ocean.( Fictional, but it includes many things in common with the typical BERMUDA TRIANGLE STORY, MYTH, LEGEND etc..)


BOSTON, MA. Dec, 2.

On November 23rd, Captain Bernard Wallace, Master of the Brig JUPITER, claims to have found the missing Schooner ALBATROSS, adrift some 75 Nautical Miles South/Southwest of Bermuda. 

The ALBATROSS was due into Port on, or around Nov. 18th.

No one was found aboard, although the ship showed no signs of foundering.

''Tis a queer thing," Captain reported to Maritime Officials in Boston, upon arriving in port two days ago.

The Captain also stated that;  "We had just turned into the wind, when she was spotted off the Starboard Foredeck.  Since it was mid-day, under clear skies, we were able to make her out pretty clearly.  She was under close- trimmed sails, but  not following any course I could make out.  We approached as close as possible, and were able to make out her out as ALBATROSS."

Captain Wallace went on to further report, "We hailed her for a good twenty minutes, but received no response.  Stranger yet, her decks were clear of any life that we could see.  The crew made no appearance."

Boston officials asked Wallace what he did next.

"I ordered my First Mate, Mr. Martin, to take the Launch and a boarding  party of three men, and search the vessel for any sign of life, or possible reasons for abandonment."

The following was taken from the narrative and testimony of Donald Martin, First Mate on the JUPITER.

"In odedience to the Captains orders, Myself and three of the crew, brought the Launch alongside the ALBATROSS.  Leaving one man in the Launch, Me and my two other shipmates secured the line to port side aft railing of the ship, and climbed aboard to start the inspection."