Friday, September 30, 2016


Ship In The Desert, Ghost Ship, Desert

First Mate Martin continued with his testimony.

"I sent Crewmen Drury and Lyons forward, to inspect the Foremast and Sail, and the Bow section. I remained aft, to check the Masters Cabin.  All three of us would inspect the hold."

"Entering the Masters cabin, I found it to be in tidy shape. I could not find the Ships Log on the small writing desk, and the Sea Chest was stowed securely under the Bunk. There were no Navigational Instruments to be found, and this remained the case throughout the ship. No Sextant, Compass or Charts were found aboard."

The Boston Maritime Officials then inquired about the Ships Boats.

"That was a bit strange." The Mate replied. "The Tackle used to swing out the Starboard side Dinghy had been engaged, and it appeared to have been Launched.  However, it was done either in great haste, or by someone unfamiliar with the mechanism. The Gears appeared to have jammed several times, and it was swung out from the ship at an awkward angle.  If it was launched like that, there is a good chance that it capsized."

A question was then asked about the condition of the main deck.

"Well, the Ships Wheel,"  Martin had reported, "wasn't lashed down, which explains the lack of a set course.  Other than that, and the affair with the Dinghy, not much else was out of sorts.  Drury and Lyons reported that the Foremast and Sail were in good condition, and the Bow showed no evidence of a possible collision with another Vessel."

Finally, the condition of the Hold was brought up, as well as the nature and type of Cargo stowed below.

Martin, it was reported, went silent for several moments.

"You understand," he said finally, "that my shipmates and I are only reporting what we found.  As to the how and why, that is your duty."