Sunday, October 2, 2016


Sometimes, it is fairly easy to pick out the Closet Bigot, Racist, Homophobe etc., simply by their choice of argumentation.  Very few public figures are going to openly embrace such belief systems, it would be political suicide.  Also, citizens who embrace such attitudes are usually careful enough not to be upfront and honest about expressing such views openly.  Both groups have adopted tactics they hope are devious enough to mask their true motivations, when dealing with groups they oppose.

However, these actions are not very artful, and really hide nothing if one looks closely at what is being said or proposed. They are designed to appeal to those who may not share the same opinions, but may become motivated to support the individual or group because they supposedly share common ground.

What is unfortunate is that the Moral Coward may realize the truth that motivates these individuals or groups, but refuses to "Rock the boat", in calling them out for what they really are.  This is especially true if those who hold extremist views cloak them under the guise of such terms as "Patriotism", "Nationalism", "Religious Freedom" or "Law and Order." The Moral Coward may see family, friends or co- workers drawn into supporting candidates who are hiding behind such concepts to appeal to a greater part of the electorate.  They see the "Smokescreen" being set up, and realize the actual intent to deceive.  Yet, the fear of "Offending" or "Angering" someone who is Loved, Respected or Admired, trumps the possible good that could be realized through honest and open communication.

This is very unfortunate.  Of course, no one likes to be told that they are being deceived.  Further, admitting that you are being duped is something that is not easy to accept.  However, progress is never easy.  History has taught us that "Traditional Values and Mores" , "Social Status" and other such constructs are not easy to overcome.  Yet, the belief that doing or espousing the "GOOD" or the "RIGHT", is the Moral Absolute that seems to be prevalent in both faith and humanistic based ethical systems.

Maybe it's time for all of us to practice what we preach.

Date-  8/23/2014.