Sunday, October 2, 2016


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A few things we should remember about the concept and definition of 

-  Virtually no nation legally defines "Rights" the same way, and the word may not even exist as a separate and distinct element within the laws of a given country.

-  The U.S. generally considers Rights as protections the individual has against abuses by government, or illegal actions that may occur in the private sector.  However,  the code of law in other Jurisdictions may define Rights as actions government can take to protect itself from harm.  This may be done regardless of the impact on the individual or society as a whole.  Usually, it is just a way to maintain the status quo, and ensuring the continued existence of those in power.

This places Human, Citizen or Civil Rights, ( If such things are even acknowledged), as secondary in importance. 

-  In what is becoming a familiar theme inside the U.S., especially around election time, is the charge by some groups that their Rights are being violated.  This may be recent , or a claim that was also made in the past.

However, it is usually hyperbole, with the goal of electing like minded candidates.  This situation brings up a frightening, but all to often glimpse into the mindset of many Americans:  THAT WHEN CERTAIN "RIGHTS" ARE EXERCISED, THEY AUTOMATICALLY NEGATE OR DISQUALIFY OTHERS.

What is the source of this way of thinking?  Is it a lack of understanding about the wording included within the body of the Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights? Could it represent the desire to accept without question the opinions of those with questionable motives?  Most frightening of all, the unspoken wish to abolish many parts of the Constitution, and that freedom should be limited to the chosen few.

End of PT 4.

Date-  9/10/2014.