Monday, October 24, 2016


Paper, Fire, Terrorism, Black, Word, Law

In Part 1, we looked at the Difference Between TERRORISTS, and the Traditional Military.  The Major Differences being the GOALS, COMBAT MISSION STRATEGY AND TACTICS, AND THE COMMAND AUTHORITY THAT DIRECTS ITS ACTIONS.

Now, if we look back through History, the Use of Fear and Terror to Intimidate the Civil Populations of Opponents and Enemies is Prevalent in Many, if not all, Wars and Conflicts.  

From the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia we have examples of the Roman Legions, Huns, Mongols as well as Christian and Moslem Military Forces, Among Many Others, engaging in Wars of Annihilation.  In Other Words, Surrender or Submit, or Face Massacre and Elimination.

In Modern Warfare, some Military Strategists Argued that Inflicting and Causing Grievous Harm to Civilian Populations, would lead to a Collapse of the Sitting Government, because the Non- Military Citizenry would Refuse to support a Continuation of The Conflict, to the Point of Removing those In Power.

However, History has shown that such Thinking has had Little Affect in Causing a General Uprising by the Resident Population, which would Lead to an Overthrow of the Individuals and Groups Controlling the Central Government.  It is still the Elimination, Suppression or Capitulation of the Opposing Military that leads to Victory.

What can we take from this Lesson?  Something that Many of Those Using the Strategy and Tactics of Terror Forget;  That Instilling Fear and Apprehension in a Population may cause a Temporary Change in the Daily Lives of Those Under Such Threats, but to Think it will Result in the Populace Turning Their Lives over to the Control of a Rival Power is an Unrealistic Fantasy Doomed to Failure.

That Leads to a Second Important Point; That Those who look at History, and Indicate the Times that Terror and Fear were used by Countries, Conquerors, and Armies, Against Population and Economic Centers, did so TO SUPPORT EXISTING MILITARY POLICY.  TERROR, BY ITSELF, WAS NEVER  

Date-  3/8/2015.