Sunday, October 2, 2016


New York City, 1890, Vintage
As we in the U.S. head into another election cycle, meaningful debate is again giving way to finding issues that prey on the emotional psyche of the average voter. Candidates are looking to polarize certain voting blocks, by offering personal opinions on certain controversial Topics.

Often, this is not done by Intellectual Reflection,  but with the intent to appeal to the Baser nature of Humanity. This is best exemplified in the reasoning given by some Politicians running for office, in how they arrived at the positions taken on specific issues.  

For Example;

IMMIGRATION-  At the time of this writing, Immigration Law seems to be the most
important issue for the average voter, in how it is interpreted and enforced.

Unfortunately, there is a profound misunderstanding about what the term IMMIGRANT ACTUALLY MEANS, AND HOW IT IS OFTEN MISUSED BY INDIVIDUALS WITH A SPECIFIC POLITICAL AGENDA.

To clarify, here are definitions for certain words, that will help us find the truth.
( These are my definitions. However, I encourage my readers to Research other 
possible meanings for these terms.)

Immigration-  Is simply the act of changing ones Home or Residence, from one place to another.  For the purpose of this article, it will refer to Citizens or Nationals of one Country, seeking to move inside the borders or areas controlled by another Nation.  This can be either a Permanent or Temporary arrangement.

Refugee Status-  The desire of Individuals to seek sanctuary within the borders of another Nation, to avoid extreme hardship occurring in their Home Country.  This can include Acts of Violence, Famine or Environmental Disasters.  Humanitarian Aid is usually offered to the Refugee by the Nation granting them safe haven, to alleviate hardships already suffered.

Immigrant and Refugee are not one and the same.  An Immigrant desires to remain as a Resident for a given period of time, or permanently.  A Refugee is given sanctuary only as long as the situation within their Homeland merits it.  They are expected to return once the situation has been stabilized.  Refugees may apply for Immigrant Status, but it is not granted automatically. 

Date-  7/18/2014.