Sunday, October 2, 2016


I have addressed this issue before,which includes a multi-part
article published on
during the 2012 election.

However, States Rights Advocates, most recently Arizona, are again screaming that they are being forced to legalize Gay Marriage. 

Unfortunately, the arguments set forth by myself and others, are again being ignored by sections of the public who wish to impose their religious doctrine on every American.
One major qualification; While the most politically active and vocal seem to be individuals and groups who claim to be Christian-  DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE MAJORITY OF CHRISTIANS AGREE WITH THIS LINE OF REASONING.  It is amazing to me the number of people who claim to represent the "True Faith", being a spokesperson for everyone else.

So, in the interest of clarification, let us answer the following;

Myth #1- Currently, States that have not legalized Same-Sex Marriage are being forced to allow such ceremonies, and they must be legally recognized.- Absolutely not. Unless such a law has been struck down by litigation brought before the Court, no State which has laws prohibiting Homo-Sexual Marriage is required to recognize such ceremonies as legally valid, if performed within its' jurisdiction.

Myth #2- If a State legalizes Same-Sex Marriage, Churches will be required to allow these unions within their walls.- Again, not true.  Houses of Faith are allowed to perform or not perform any rituals they so choose.  Civil Rights Laws are not binding on them, as long as they are not receiving public funds.  In other words, no one is going to force you, your spiritual leaders or your congregation to arrange for or attend any function that violates a given Moral Belief System.
End PT 1.

Date-  3/14/2014.

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