Friday, October 7, 2016


Daemon, Mythical Creatures, Zombie

While many children at an early age lack boundaries, and seem to enjoy the suffering being caused to other living things, adult guidance from the nuclear family or other positive sources are usually sufficient to overcome the emotional immaturity present in the developing mind. 

However, the potential Sociopath does not or cannot understand the concept of "Empathy", and identifying this becomes very important so that professional intervention can begin at an early age.

Controlling Inappropriate Behavior-  This is a manifestation of the inability and/or desire to conform to expected types of behavior in both public and private social situations.  Again, as with a lack of empathy, the potential Sociopath does not understand why they should control their actions because others tell them that it is wrong or inappropriate. Simply put, they feel they are doing nothing wrong and see no reason to alter their behavior.

Inappropriate Behaviors may include;

  • Unwanted and Unsolicited physical contact with others.
  • Mannerisms that are not age appropriate.
  • Demanding special treatment that no one else can receive.
  • Making and losing friendships frequently, without any sense of loss or achievement.
  • The desire to punish others they perceive to be a threat, even though this perception is a consequence of their own behavior.
  • Treating family activities with contempt, as a complete waste of time.

Remember, it is important that these Behaviors be identified early in life.
If not addressed at a young age, the Sociopath can learn to adapt their behavior 
to what is expected and use it to deceive and exploit others.
( See PT.9 in a future posting.)