Friday, October 7, 2016


While it's true that we cannot identify potential Sociopaths by Biological and Sociological factors present in the early stages of life with any certainty, there are warning signs that should be looked for. These are clues that could indicate that the minor child may become an uncaring, unfeeling and amoral adult. The only hope in preventing this from becoming a reality may be catching it in time, when therapy could have a positive influence on the developing personality.

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Childhood, from infancy through the teen years, is a battle where the outcome is a finished product.  This result enters into society as an Adult, who now has the opportunity to make an impact which affects all citizens. Whether or not this will be positive or negative may depend on our ability to identify those personalities which, at an early age, show signs of Sociopathy.

There are certain behaviors, when exhibited before the onset of puberty, that seem to be common among Life-Long Sociopaths.  I will start with the following example:
Cruelty- The desire to see other living things in pain, relishing the suffering that they observe.  The enjoyment of such situations is amplified if the individual is the direct cause of the torment.
( See PT.8 in a future posting.)