Sunday, October 2, 2016


Blue Light, Defense, Guiltless, Debt

In the previous installment, the Accomplished Sociopath was described. Generally, this category has relatively high degrees of Intuitive and Psychological Instincts, in that they know what others need, desire, and expect on an emotional level, depending on the situation at hand.  They are experts at this, in that the exploitation that occurs is often not exposed for years, or sometimes never.

The next category, THE FUNCTIONAL SOCIOPATH, has many of the same qualities found in the Accomplished Sociopath, but is unable to achieve the same level of success. ( The ability to keep their motivations hidden from others, resulting in negative consequences resulting from their actions.)

This can be explained by the following:

-  A strong desire for immediate satisfaction.

-  Feelings of superiority, in that they are too smart
to get caught. They take risks the Accomplished 
Sociopath never would.

-  Failure to learn from their mistakes.

The Functional Sociopath relies much less on planning than the Accomplished Sociopath.  They believe personality will overcome any problems or obstacles. Their Self- Image is so delusional, that even when found out, they will not accept the fact that the game plan has failed.  They were just unlucky, and the intended victims caught an undeserved break.  The Functional Sociopath believes, "Next time will be different."
So in which situations does this category achieve their goals?
Look for PT 13.

Date-  8/5/2014.