Thursday, October 6, 2016


As we have seen during the Last Week, much of the opposition to President Obamas Immigration plan is Juvenile and Petty.  

Whether or not it's Rudy Giulianis claim that the President "Doesn't 
Love America,"  or John Boehners and other Republicans refusal to Fund Homeland Security unless they get Their way, it is an Immaturity that Belongs on a School Playground, not the Halls of Congress.

Man, Persons, Guys, Group, Google

Insults and a Refusal to Compromise, are the Weapons of the Desperate and the Delusional, who can't believe that everyone else Doesn't Follow Their Lead. (Even Members of the same party.)

These are Things Progressives should be Pointing Out on A Regular Basis.  When These Types of Tactics are used, the Response Should Not be Deliberately Provocative or on the Same Intellectual Level, for it Blurs the Actual Reason Behind the Inability to come to a Reasonable Solution.

In other Words, Don't let Them pull you down, because They have already Started to Sink.  If Both Sides Resort to Identical Means in getting Their Point Across and to Gain the Support of the Majority, there is Little to Differentiate One From the Other. So what should the Progressive Response be in such a case? What Could Convince the Voters, ( Both Supporters and Opponents), of Their Sincerity, and Desire to do the Right Thing?

Date-  2/27/2015.