Saturday, December 17, 2016



From-  Tammy Baldwin.

To-  David McDonald.

Donald Trump brazenly refused to release his tax returns during his presidential campaign.

He left the American people in the dark about the extent of his problematic conflict of interests abroad, and now he’s nominating members to his cabinet with the same potentially insidious entanglements.

Wisconsinites and all Americans deserve to know whether Trump’s closest advisers are working for us or for the benefit of their former bosses on Wall Street. That’s why I’m joining Senate Democrats and demanding that Trump’s cabinet give the American people the transparency we deserve.

I hope I can count on you to join us. Demand that Trump’s cabinet nominees release their tax returns.

Trump has nominated people to his cabinet who have forged relationships with foreign governments in order to enrich their companies and personal wealth. Other have amassed dizzying fortunes in industries for which they will now be in charge of regulating.

Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson forged deals with Vladimir Putin and defied State Department policies to cut deals with foreign governments while he was CEO of ExxonMobil. He’s accumulated $290 million in stock and pension rights.

Gary Cohn, who was tapped to head his National Economic Council owns stock in Goldman Sachs that’s worth more than $200,000.

Even though federal employees have to sever financial ties to their former companies, we need to know exactly what they’ve earned, where they’ve earned it, and whether or not they’ve paid taxes on their fortunes.

All cabinet-level nominees must go through a full vetting process. It’s critical that their tax returns are submitted for review. Tell all U.S. Senators to implement this critical rule change.

Thank you,