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Thursday, August 24, 2017


American Philosophical Association

The American Philosophical Association Committee on the Teaching of Philosophy seeks panelists to participate in a session on “Shaking Up the Standard Lecture” at the 2018 Central Division meeting, February 21–24, in Chicago, IL.

Selected panelists will be provided several months in advance with the same basic syllabus and partial reading list for an introductory lecture-style course, and each will be asked to redesign the syllabus and reading list as radically as possible, highlighting an alternative pedagogical technique or approach. The goal of this session is to encourage pedagogical creativity and experimentation.
During the session, each panelist will be asked to share their redesigned version of the syllabus in a short presentation. Interaction between panelists will be encouraged, along with rich discussion between panelists and audience members.
The deadline to submit proposals for this session is September 10, 2017. Please submit to Michelle Saint (mesaint@asu.edu) a short (250–300 words), anonymized description of the creative, experimental, or unusual pedagogical approach you want to highlight through your redesign of the syllabus and its presentation. In your submission, be sure to articulate how and why other philosophy teachers might benefit from your new approach. The review committee will select 3–4 participants for the session by late September and will aim to assemble a panel that is diverse in all relevant respects.
We look forward to receiving your proposals.
All the best,
Alexandra Bradner
Chair, Committee on the Teaching of Philosophy