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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Find Oxford University Press at the APA Pacific Meeting in San Diego this week.

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Find Oxford University Press at the American Philosophical Association Pacific Meeting in San Diego, March 28-April 1. Stay in touch with @OUPPhilosophy and enjoy a preview of the OUP booth below.
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Philosophy of Neuroscience
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Science

This article summarizes some central research areas in the philosophy of neuroscience, focusing on internal practice, experimental techniques, and more.

Beauvoir, Irigaray, and Philosophy
Oxford Scholarship Online

This essay takes up the question of the ontological and epistemological structures utilized by each of these two feminist philosophers.

Shared Pursuits In Love
Oxford Scholarship Online

What is involved in the shared pursuit of happiness by couples who love each other, especially within marriages? Explore this and other questions about the pursuit of happiness in love. 

On our craving for generality

Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein chastised philosophers for what he called "our craving for generality." Philosophers seek general accounts of the nature of propositions, properties, virtues, and mental states. 
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