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I'm the Press and Research Assistant for the VA House Democrats -- which means I spend my days helping our campaigns put together their messaging, press plans and communication strategies. Our candidates have spent months talking to voters about the issues facing Virginians, like lackluster education funding leading to Virginia's students being forced to learn in trailers rather than classrooms and the lack of affordable healthcare access due to Republicans refusal to expand medicaid. When formulating our policies, we do research and analysis.

Republican candidates... do none of that. Their main policies for Virginia appear to be dog whistles, fake news and slander -- that's all they've got. No policies, no plans -- only fear mongering and attempts to mislead voters.

The even larger problem is that -- fear sells. It gets coverage, it gets noticed. We have to work twice as hard to put out positive solutions as Republicans do to put out their trash --

Condemn Trump's attacks on Gold Star families.
Dave Belote, Candidate for U.S. Congress.

As a commander of two combat deployments, the reports regarding President Trump's conversation with Gold Star mother Cowanda Jones-Johnson and military widow Myeshia Johnson disturb me deeply.
I’ve had to contact loved ones of service members who made the ultimate sacrifice.
President Trump's response simply hurts.
As a career military officer, I believe that such situations require quiet compassion and total respect for the fallen and their families.
The lack of grace and empathy shown by President Trump insult every military family who has sacrificed on behalf of our great nation.


We must protect voting rights. 

"But about this there can and should be no argument: Every American citizen must have an equal right to vote. There is no reason which can excuse the denial of that right. There is no duty which weighs more heavily on us than the duty we have to ensure that right."
-- President Lyndon B. Johnson, announcing the Voting Rights Act, 3/15/1965

Protecting the right to vote for every eligible American is a duty that weighs heavily on us to this day, David.

Back in 2013, the Supreme Court issued a decision that gutted a section of the Voting Rights Act. This section contained a formula that required certain jurisdictions to apply for "pre-clearance" from the Justice Department before changing voting laws. This part of the law prevented jurisdictions with a history of voter discrimination from limiting access to the ballot box.

In its decision, the Court said that this section was outdated. They left room for Congress to fix it. Of course, the Republican-controlled Congress hasn't done anything about it yet.

Since the Supreme Court's decision, state after state has passed restrictive laws making it harder for Americans to cast ballots. Today I'm joining with some like-minded colleagues to stop this by calling on Congress to fix the Voting Rights Act.
...demand Congress reinstate the heart of the Voting Rights Act and stop discriminatory voting laws...

The right to vote is a cornerstone of our democracy. Without it, the entire system crumbles.
Thank you for making your voice heard.


Dear David, 
Yesterday, President Trump signed an executive order that sabotages health care for millions of Americans. The truth is that the American people are hurting, and yet President Trump continues to fail them. This executive order will sabotage the health care market and drive up costs for working people. The President should be working with Democrats to make the Affordable Care Act even stronger. Instead, he’s creating chaos and undermining access.

The American people deserve A Better Deal than this one.

DRAIN the SwampDonald Trump promised to drain the swamp. But that’s not what he’s doing. Since the day he took office, he’s rolled back regulations to benefit himself, his family, and his close friends. That’s why I introduced legislation this week to bring a new level of transparency to the Trump administration’s multiple conflicts of interests. The Determining if Regulatory Actions are in the Interest of the Nation or the Swamp (DRAIN the Swamp) Act will require agencies to report any conflicts of interest for President Trump or senior members of his administration when changing major rules.

The DRAIN the Swamp Act requires greater transparency for the most important regulatory actions: rules that have a $100 million effect on the economy or will result in a major increase in costs or prices for consumers. Under my legislation, agencies will be required to report whether adopting or rescinding major rules will substantially enrich President Trump or senior officials in the Trump Administration.

The American people deserve to know that the President and his top officials are acting in the public interest, not in their own financial interests. 

Senior Resources Fair October 19As the U.S. Representative for Rhode Island’s First Congressional District, I am committed to ensuring that our seniors can access the finest resources and services that are available at the local, state and federal levels.                              

Our incredible community of seniors deserves the best, and that’s why I hope you will be able to attend my Woonsocket Senior Resources Fair to be held:
Thursday, October 19th

Woonsocket Senior Center 
84 Social Street
Woonsocket, RI 02895
Seniors, adults with disabilities, and caregivers from the First Congressional District are all invited to learn about important resources available from the Rhode Island Division of Elderly Affairs, the Social Security Administration, Rhode Island Housing, and more than forty other participating organizations. 

More information is available on my Facebook page here .

Please feel free to reach out with any questions by emailing Rita.Murphy@mail.house.gov or calling 401-729-5600.

 We must stand against President Trump's

New York Times: President Trump is ending health insurers' subsidies that help low-income patients
David – This is outrageous.

President Trump is ending Obamacare subsidies for insurance providers that offer low-cost plans.

This reckless decision will jack up insurance rates, destabilize our health care markets, and end up costing taxpayers even more money.

We must stand against President Trump’s cruelty and act now. 

Ending these subsidies without a replacement plan will only hurt hard-working Americans who are struggling just to get by.

This sabotage helps no one. It’s just plain cruelty.

On top of putting lives at risk, the Congressional Budget Office finds that eliminating the subsidies would raise our deficit by $6 BILLION by next year, and $21 BILLION by 2020.

President Trump isn’t helping people or building our economy. He is simply hurting average Americans for his own political gain.

Act now and stand with Cory. 


Team Cory Booker


No chemical Dourson doesn't like.


President Trump has nominated a man named Michael Dourson to lead the EPA's chemical safety and pollution prevention office.

Dourson has spent his career as an agent for chemical companies. He's never met a chemical he didn't like. He's so far outside of the scientific mainstream on what levels of toxic chemicals are safe, it's outrageous.

This man cannot be put in charge of an office charged with protecting our families and communities from toxic chemicals. 

You might be thinking, how bad can this nominee be?
Here's one example. Dioxane is a chemical that contaminates water supplies. More than seven million Americans in 27 states are exposed at a higher level than the science-based EPA standard. Dourson defended exposure to dioxane at a level one thousand times higher than the EPA deemed safe.

This man is not fit to preside over the health and safety of our families. The person in this job needs to be committed to keeping toxins out of our air and water. Michael Dourson is clearly unfit.
Oppose Michael Dourson >>
Thank you.


Get ready to mark a major milestone: 

Planned Parenthood's 100th year is coming to a close, and we're heading into our second century. That's nothing short of remarkable, and it's all thanks to people like you. 

For 100 years, we have fought for access to health care and information and overcome attempts to undermine this access. And for 100 years, you (and people like you) have fought alongside us to make sure that sexual and reproductive rights and health can be a reality for everyone. 

This past year saw more extreme attacks on health care: from coming frighteningly close to blocking patients from Planned Parenthood health centers and repealing the Affordable Care Act, to passing a 20-week abortion ban in the House, to this most recent attack threatening access to birth control coverage — our opponents have seized every opportunity possible to attempt to control and restrict access to care. 

Through these relentless attacks and all those that we've faced in our history, Planned Parenthood supporters like you have stood strong and persevered — all by coming together and displaying the kind of courage and commitment that made our first 100 years so exceptional. 

Planned Parenthood was founded on the revolutionary idea that women should have the information and care they need to live strong, healthy lives and fulfill their dreams — no ceilings, no limits. Every day, people line up at Planned Parenthood health centers. And every day, doctors, clinicians and staff open doors to provide expert, compassionate care — no matter what. We can continue to provide this care thanks to people like you who are willing to stand up and do what's right for the people counting on us. 

Thank you for your enduring support — through our first century, through our 101st year, and beyond. 
Cecile Richards, President
Planned Parenthood Federation of America


I can't believe I'm emailing you about birth control in 2017. U.S. SENATOR ELIZABETH WARREN.

There are some truly terrible things happening in our country right now that President Trump and Congress need to address. Common-sense gun reform. Emergency appropriations for Puerto Rico. A clean Dream Act so 800,000 young immigrants won’t get kicked out of their homes. Funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program so 9 million kids don’t lose their health care. The list is long.

But Donald Trump and the Republicans in Washington have decided that the single most important issue facing our country is taking away birth control and the right to a safe and legal abortion.

The Republicans failed at a wholesale repeal of the Affordable Care Act and its protections for women – so now they are taking it apart piece by piece. Just yesterday, the Trump Administration rolled backed the Affordable Care Act requirement for employers’ health insurance plans to cover birth control at no cost for women.

After years of the Republicans pushing for the Blunt Amendment to allow employers to deny birth control access, and threatening to shut down the government in 2013 over it, poof – Trump’s team has done it.

And they’re not finished attacking women’s health. This week, Republicans in the House passed a radical 20-week abortion ban. Now Senate Republicans are considering the bill - and some Republicans are pushing the Senate to change the filibuster rules so they can jam it through without a single Democratic vote.

Threatening birth control access for 62 million women defies common sense. If Donald Trump and Republicans truly want to reduce the already-record-low number of abortions in this country, then he should be expanding access to birth control, not gutting it.

But jamming through a 20-week abortion ban is particularly cruel. Only 1% of abortions take place after 20 weeks – and the reasons these women have abortions can be especially heartbreaking:
  • They are women who are told that if they don’t end their pregnancies, their kidneys could fail, or their hearts could fail, or they can’t get the chemotherapy they need to save their lives.
  • They are women who have an ultrasound and find out devastating news: that their fetus has a giant hole in their heart and spine, or a deformed head, or organs outside their body, and the fetus either has no chance of survival or has an abnormality so severe that it would mean a short life filled with pain.
  • They are more likely to be very young, or to not understand that they're pregnant until it's too late.
  • They are more likely to live in places where getting an abortion means driving three hours or more to a doctor who will perform one.
  • And they are more likely to be poor and need to save up money to pay for the procedure.
These vulnerable women aren’t the only people that Republicans want to punish. Doctors who are caught performing late-term abortions could face five years in prison under the House Republicans’ bill.

We’ve lived in an America where women died in back alley abortions. We’ve lived in an America where high school girls tried poisons and coat hangers to end pregnancies. We’ve lived in an America where young women who faced unwanted pregnancies took their own lives. We’ve lived in that America, and we are NOT going back. Not now, not ever.
Thanks for being a part of this,



TRUMPS NEW ATTACK ON HEALTH CARE: Attacking access to birth control coverage.

Planned Parenthood

The Trump administration just took direct aim at birth control coverage for 62.4 million women. We need to rise up again, right now: Tell them to leave birth control coverage alone.

I can't believe we still have to say this in 2017, but birth control isn't controversial. It's essential health care that nearly nine in ten women will use in her lifetime.

But today, the HHS announced a rule that would undermine the Affordable Care Act's requirement that all insurance plans must cover birth control — a provision that's benefited 62.4 million women. Send a message to the Trump administration condemning this attack on essential health care.

We've made so much progress in increasing access to birth control, which has brought unintended pregnancy rates overall and among teens to the lowest they've been in decades, and saved women $1.4 billion in 2013 alone.

Now, President Trump and his cronies want to undo all that progress. The extremists who control the Department of Health and Human Services are hell-bent on taking away access to basic health care any way they can.

Birth control is health care, full stop. Make sure the Trump administration knows we won't stand by silently while he strips care from millions. Speak out now.

I know these attacks can feel neverending. But we are powerful, we are many, and together we will make sure people can keep getting the care they need, no matter what. Thanks for standing with us.

Cecile Richards, President
Planned Parenthood Federation of America

EMILY's List.
President Trump just issued a new attack on women's rights: He's rolling back Obamacare's birth control coverage ​requirement, which let millions of American women access contraception free of charge.

Simply put, he's throwing open the floodgates for groups to discriminate against women. We're having none of it.
...stand up to Trump's repeated attacks on women and hold him accountable.

Affordable contraception is a no-brainer, and the proof is in the numbers.

Since the rule was originally passed as part of Obamacare, more than 55 million women gained contraceptive coverage without having to pay out​-​of​-​pocket. In 2013 ​​alone, the rule collectively saved women $1.4 BILLION on birth control.

Contraception is essential to making sure that women are in control of their own lives — that they can decide if, when,​ and with whom to start or grow a family.

An attack on a woman's right to afford​able​ birth control is an attack on her right to be an equal citizen, plain and simple.

Stand up against Trump and commit to fighting relentlessly for women's rights.

Thank you,

Jenna Kruse
Vice President of Research, EMILY's List.
American people > the NRA. U.S. SENATOR ED MARKEY.

I'm tired of writing emails like this, David.

There have been 273 mass shootings in this country in 2017 -- nearly as many mass shootings as days in the year. The recent shooting in Las Vegas was the worst in U.S. history.

Republicans under the thumb of the NRA would have you believe we're powerless. They want you to think that all we can do is send thoughts and prayers, mourn those lost, and do nothing else.
Here's the truth: We. Are. Not. Powerless. There are plenty of steps we can take to reduce gun violence in this country and put commonsense safety measures in place.
  • Let's pass my bill to require smart gun technology and make guns more secure.
  • Let's ban assault weapons meant to be used in combat, not in communities.
  • Let's close loopholes in our laws that allow guns to make it into the wrong hands.
  • Let's expand and strengthen background checks. Let's remove gun manufacturers' immunity from civil liability.
  • Let's pass my bill to study gun violence as the epidemic it is, and find the most effective ways to stop it.
Republicans in Congress don't want to take action. To them, the will of the NRA is more powerful than the will of the American people.

I've taken on the NRA before. I fought them on importing weapons from China, and won. Working together, there is no reason we can't make "NRA" stand for "Not Relevant Anymore.

Thank you.

Monday, October 2, 2017.

A word about last night's mass shooting in Las Vegas. U.S. SENATOR CHRIS MURPHY.

David -
The scale of devastation today in Las Vegas is hard to comprehend. Over 50 dead. Hundreds and hundreds more badly injured. And all of this carnage a result of one man with a handful of weapons, carried out over the course of just a few minutes. My god.

That makes this the largest and deadliest mass shooting in modern American history.
It goes without saying that all of our hearts are with the victims, their families, the first responders, and the entire Las Vegas community.

But it must be said that nowhere else but in America do these horrific, large-scale mass shootings happen with this degree of regularity. Tragically, this epidemic is uniquely American.

This madness has to stop. And the collective silence from Congress in the face of these mass shootings is complicity -- it sends a quiet message that as a legislative body, these murders are something that we are willing to accept.

It's time for us to stop pretending that there aren't public policy responses to this epidemic.

There are. And the thoughts and prayers of politicians are cruelly hollow if they are paired with continued legislative indifference. It's time for Congress to get off its ass and do something.

I am not ashamed to admit that no legislation will suddenly stamp out every act of mass violence in this country. But the excuse that legislative action is not a guarantee that we will prevent future tragedies is just a mask for cowardice, or cold-hearted political calculation.

Should we pass comprehensive background checks? Should we take weapons off the streets that are designed solely to kill lots of people with speed and efficiency? Should we do more to ensure records are getting into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System? Should we act to make sure it's easier to get mental health care than it is to buy a gun in this country?

Yes. Yes. Yes. To every one of those questions, yes.
But to do nothing at all? That is truly unimaginable.

We are all grieving today -- as one nation -- but tragedies like this one must also strengthen our resolve to take action that will save lives in this country.
It does for me.
Every best wish,
Chris Murphy
U.S. Senator, Connecticut