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Sunday, January 1, 2017


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Dear David,

Without Anita Hill, I never would have been elected to the United States Senate -- and all the work that we have done together would never have been possible.

When Anita Hill found the courage to speak truth to power in 1991, she changed history. We all watched the horrendous treatment she received by that all-male, all-white Senate Judiciary Committee as she testified about being harassed by her then-boss, Clarence Thomas.

Voters across California and America saw that women were being shut out of the highest legislative body in the land and my candidacy, which had been a total long shot, suddenly became viable -- and ultimately successful.

And it was all because of Professor Hill.

On Tuesday, I gave Anita Hill my annual Women Making History award -- my final one as a senator. It was a historic and touching moment for me. Professor Hill spoke eloquently not only about her journey, but also about the future and the work we still must do to bring real equality to our nation.

With Republicans and their nominee, Donald Trump, continuing to attack voting rights, civil rights, and women's rights, I know that our PAC for a Change has far more work to do -- 

The soul of our nation is on the line in this election.

Twenty-five years after Anita Hill showed us the true meaning of courage, we have the chance to make history come November.

We can elect the first woman president of the United States. We can take back the U.S. Senate. We can celebrate a great victory for our country -- but only if we stand up today, tomorrow, and every day until Election Day.

Barbara Boxer,
U.S. Senator.,