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Thursday, September 29, 2016

WHAT A SHAME- A look at the low points in the modern media. HUMILIATION TELEVISION; IT DOESN'T GET ANY LOWER THAN THIS. PT 4.

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Perhaps the most disgusting part of these programs, is the desire of the producers to pass off this dreck as unrehearsed, spontaneous and true to life.

It is obvious that after viewing these shows more then once, the events playing out on the screen follow a similar formula.

1)  Heroic host outlines format. (i.e Rescuing failing Restaurant, Bar, Hotel.)

2)  Newest guest, usually an Owner or Operator, is introduced.

3)  Host conducts a superficial survey of the current conditions within the Business.  This includes; Sampling items that are present on the current Menu, Evaluating the decor inside and out, Looking for hygiene problems that create safety issues and Employee work habits and professionalism.

4)  Upon finishing the evaluation, the host has a meeting with ownership.  A second meeting is then arranged for all employees.

5)  In these face to face encounters, the host berates, insults and humiliates nearly everyone.  These scenes involve a lot of shouting, name calling and treating the staff like they are sub-human piles of worthless garbage.  Guess what?  Virtually everyone takes this abuse without daring to speak against or disagree with the ramblings of this pompous know-it all.
Yes, things look pretty bleak.  How can such a dismally run business survive for even one more day?  Not to worry, the noble and self-less star of the show is here to save the day.  With a great deal of tough love from the host and his minions, along with a free makeover, there is hope for a complete turn around in the fortunes of the ailing establishment.
( See PT. 5 in a future post.)


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