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Saturday, October 1, 2016


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I am not going to begin this regular feature by providing a definition that will no doubt bore most readers. In the future, I will define such words, but I would rather open up with a practical article. 
The theme, " When does personal belief conflict with the best interests of society as a whole." 
The subject- Health Care.
Providing Health Insurance to every person residing in the U.S and its' territories, is not an economic question. 
If the federal government creates a program to provide minimal guaranteed medical coverage, 
funding must be there to support those who cannot afford traditional private plans. 
This is the Heart of the matter, and the dilemmas we must face are;
  • Do we, as a society, have an obligation to provide minimal affordable medical care to all.
  • That many people will, through taxation, provide a service that will be of direct benefit to others and not them personally.
  • That in the question of the right or wrong of a given situation, choosing a moral stand is;
              1) The responsibility of the individual who is a member of society.
              2) The obligation of the governing body in society, which is a collection
              of individuals.

To illustrate what I mean, here is an example.  Let us say an individual decides all questions of morality will be answered from a Doctrine based upon the teachings of a given faith.  Now such decisions have two distinct implications;

  • Is the individual going to decide the morality of any given situation solely by religious instruction and nothing else. If not, they have invalidated their own moral code, for it is not universally applied. It contradicts any assertion that the doctrine of their faith, regarding morality, is to be accepted absolutely.
  • Does the individual wish to establish this system of morality for all of society, and punish any deviations.
 If society is populated by a majority of such citizens, what will be the outcome?
See pt.2 in a future issue.

Date- 6\16\2013.

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