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Monday, October 3, 2016

ETHICS AND MORALITY. IT IS ON YOU... (First published on examiner.com)

It is on you...

...if you help elect an official, with the belief that they owe you special treatment.
For you are not alone.

It is on you...
...when cheating others is a game.
But you expect fair treatment in 

It is on you...
...if you believe your faith trumps all others, and should be legislated into law.
Then find your opponents want to create laws that obey their own personal religious doctrine.

It is on you..
...when you complain about taxes.
Then criticize government when it does not spend enough to support programs that benefit you.

It is on you...
...when you complain that the criminal justice system is to soft on criminals.
Then look for "contacts" who will pull a few strings to help you avoid responsibility for your actions.

It is on you...
...when you despair about how others talk behind your back.
Yet you gladly join in, trashing others.

It is on you...
...when you expect people to do what is right.
But don't hold yourself to the same standards.

It is on you...
...if you are a hypocrite.
For you have no real allies, or friends.
Just future opponents.

It is on you...
...is that a life worth living?


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