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Sunday, October 2, 2016


As the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT/OBAMACARE/UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE is now being implemented nationwide, opponents of the new law are hollering loud and clear about any flaws that are coming to light.  They demand an immediate repeal of the law, and promise dire consequences if this does not happen.  However, citizens and lawmakers who support the act should not be pulled into answering the hysterical rantings of those whose only goal is to see it fail.

What really amazes me is the desire of certain politicians, parts of the media and segments of society as a whole to see the U.S. become a weaker nation, both economically and socially.  It is a level of selfishness that is hard to comprehend, for it is the "Only I count" and "Me and only Me" way of looking at life. To them it doesn't matter how many others suffer, as long as they are not affected in any way. This way of thinking does not look at the possible long term affects on society by new legislation, for it doesn't matter.

The Affordable Care Act is just the most recent example of a law enacted with the goal of providing a long term solution that will solve a difficult problem.  As has happened in the past, the law is not perfect and must be adapted to confront unforeseen consequences.  There is nothing in the wording of the law, or any form of Judicial precedent that would prevent this from happening.  Many times in the past programs instituted by Government were found to have certain weaknesses that needed to be corrected.  Guess what?  They were, without destroying the goals or purposes which prompted the necessity for their creation.

Many opponents of the Affordable Care Act are not willing to even discuss how the law might be altered or changed to resolve any problems.  That is because they do not want it to be successful, for it offers help and aid that they do not need at this time.  In other words, "Whats in it for me" or "I don't have any responsibility for anyones well-being but my own."  Of course this ignores the possible future benefits that may be the product of the new law, which may include providing future assistance to those who don't need it now.

This is the ultimate example of the "Living in the present, and the Future is someone elses problem," type of Politician. 

I thought we expected more from our leaders and public servants.

Date- 11/23/2013

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