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Saturday, October 1, 2016


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Now you may be asking yourself,  "How can I know if I am dealing with a Sociopath, what are the signs?" First of all, one important fact must be placed on the table when we try to answer this question;  Sociopaths come from all walks of life.  There are no economic, racial, social or intellectual traits that have been identified as exclusively Sociopathic.  A Sociopath could be your parent or sibling, Aunt or Uncle, Close family friend, Business acquaintance, Teacher...etc.  Sometimes the hardest part of identifying a Sociopath is facing the fact that it might be someone close to you.

You have to realize, the Sociopath is playing a part.  They create a facade that best suits their needs and desires, projecting an image to others that makes them seem to be something their not.  They are very adroit in adapting their behavior to given situations and use this ability to manipulate others.  Once a perceived weakness is spotted in another, the Sociopath decides how to exploit this characteristic and acts accordingly.

However, there are certain things you can look for, if you think that you are dealing with a Sociopath.  Keep in mind, these examples are not universal in nature.  Not every Sociopath will exhibit all of these behaviors.  In turn, many of the following examples may be found in people who are not Sociopaths.  Yet, if you find an individual who fits multiple examples, you may have reason to be cautious.

I would like, before I begin the list, to point out that Sociopathy is not a mental illness that is the result of a physical defect of the brain.  Unfortunately, one is not born a Sociopath, where early diagnosis could lead to proper treatment.  However, before I get into what circumstances may create a Sociopath, let us go through the list.
See PT.5 in a future posting.