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Sunday, October 2, 2016


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The Accomplished Sociopath has achieved high status in the Professional and/or Social World by learning to identify the strengths and weaknesses in others.  They use this ability to advance a personal agenda, that usually disregards whatever consequences occur in the lives of those who come in contact with them.

However, the one exception that sets the Accomplished Sociopath apart, is learning how to mimic the behavior of those who are expressing Worry, Concern, Empathy, Sorrow etc. They see the powerful affect it has on Family, Friends, Co-Workers and members of their immediate social circle, and how pretending to have these same feelings can work to their advantage.  Since they care about no one else, manipulating the emotions and lives of others does not bother or hinder them in the least.

Fortunately, if we are perceptive enough, this behavior can lead to the unmasking of the Accomplished Sociopath.  While, in the short term, they are able to create a facade of caring, it usually doesn't last long.  Since their behavior is just an act, where the only purpose is achieving self- serving goals, once these are met there is no reason for them to maintain an artificial projection of feelings they do not have.  

This may be the most important Red Flag we have in identifying an Accomplished Sociopath.  Most people cannot turn off Feelings of Concern, Empathy or Sorrow on a moments notice.  It is usually a process of going through successive stages, that may take some time to complete.  However, since these emotions were never genuine, the Accomplished Sociopath has trouble pretending to go through phases that are part of resolving and accepting the reality of the given situation.  Like turning a light switch on or off, the Accomplished Sociopath drops all pretense, once the deception has served its' purpose.
See part 12.

Date-  6/5/2014.

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