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Friday, October 7, 2016


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Unfortunately, there is currently no possible way to determine what creates a Sociopath.  While there are certain things that seem to be present in many cases of identified Sociopaths, there are no universal factors that occur in all. We are unable to point at an individuals Physical Appearance or Heredity and conclude they are or will become Sociopathic.  Further, while many Sociopaths grow up in dysfunctional homes, not all of them do.  In fact, siblings who are exposed to the same lack of a stable Nuclear Family will often become well-adjusted adults who are able to overcome early negative influences.

While it is said that a high percentage of our convicted felons are Sociopathic, it does not mean that most Sociopaths have a criminal record. The most telling attribute that seems to differentiate the convicted Sociopath from one who manages to avoid prosecution, is the ability to maintain a guise of normalcy when interacting with other members of society.  This is usually done by observing early in life, within the family, what behavior is expected of them.  While some Sociopaths silently mock such concepts, they learn to get what they want by pretending to go along with the majority.  This is fined tuned as they mature and grow older and the ability to expand their web of deceit grows to include all facets of their life.

The real difference between the Sociopath who is caught and exposed to all of society, and one who may stay unidentified for their entire life, seems to be self-control and functionality within society.  In other words, the capacity to use others for selfish purposes, and never being caught or punished.
( See PT.7 in a future posting.)

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