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Sunday, October 2, 2016


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So what should Progressives, Liberals , and other Groups that believe Government has a Moral Responsibility to Aid those in need, do to Change the Opinions of those who Vote Against them?

#1-  Acknowledge that the Selfish, Self-Centered, and Dishonest also Vote, so Quit trying to Win over everyone through Fear of Confrontation.

#2-  Stop Allowing Republicans and Tea- Party Candidates to Hijack the Moral High Ground, when its
Media Campaign is Transparent, and Easily Refuted.   

#3-  By the Almost Incredible Inability to Stand Up to the Outright Lies and Misrepresentations that
are Thrown Around come Election Time, regarding Programs that Help the Poor and Disadvantaged.

#4-  When Statistics are Trotted Out about possible Fraudulent Activities in Social Programs, Research and Demand the Sources for such Claims, and Contrast Them with them with  Public Funds Lost Through; 

-  Corporate Bailouts. 

-  Tax Breaks that do not, or are not required
to Benefit the Taxpayer.

-  Funds Acquired Through Government Contracts,
that are Shifted to Foreign Markets with no Positive
Affects on the U.S. Economy.

-  Refusing to Raise Wages to a Minimal Level, which
Encourages Self- Sufficiency, and Decreases the 
Need for Government Aid.

... Other Policies that Push an Agenda that
Benefits a Narrow Set of American Citizens.  

#5-  Point Out to Voters, who have Benefited from 
Programs Instituted by the Progressive Agenda, that
what has been Won by Voting, can be Lost or Unfunded
by Not Voting.

These Points will be covered Individually in Future Posts.

Date-  12/25/2014.

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