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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

FICTION- Stories, Myths and Legends. A STORY OF TRUE LOVE, AND FAITH. PT 1.

Cabin, Forest, Seclusion, Outdoor

Many years ago there lived a man who traveled about the countryside. He was a Peddler, and made his living selling merchandise to local villages.  As time went on, he realized that he must expand his customer base, or go out of business.

This worried him, for it meant conducting trade with people he did not know, and who did not know him.  Nonetheless he set out, planning to call on towns and villages that were beyond his normal territory.

However, as fate would have it, he ran into immediate bad luck. As he approached the first village, a great storm erupted. Wind, rain and lightning made travel most difficult. Even worse, he carried his wares upon his back, for he could not afford a pack animal.

As he approached the first home, he thought to himself, " I just need shelter, and will ask no more." The Peddler arrived at the front door of a small , but well maintained cottage. Shivering, he knocked feebly on the front door.  After a few moments it opened and a stout and formidable looking man of no more than thirty years, answered.

"What do you want?", asked the figure in the doorway.

" Kind sir,"  replied the Peddler,  "I seek shelter from the storm. I am new to this Township, but hope to find new friends and customers from the good people who live here."

The Man frowned slightly, and with a sneer asked; "Do you accept Jesus as you lord and Savior?"
The Peddler was taken aback. No one had ever asked such a question.

"I am not a religious man,"  he stammered, "but I believe there is good in all of us, regardless of how we find it."  The man shook his head and with a sly smile closed the door. His last words, as the door was closing, chilled the already cold and frightened Peddler to the bone.

''We don't want your type around, you are godless."
End of PT 1.