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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fiction- Stories, Myths and Legends. A TALE OF WORSHIP. ( First published on examiner.com, and partially rewritten.)

Nature, Mountains, Switzerland

A long time ago, there lived a King who loved his country.  The people were, for the most part, very happy.  

However, there was one big problem.  Although the country was united, religion was still a problem.  The King came to realize that to truly unite the citizenry, a single religion must be adopted.  So the King turned to his wisest Adviser and asked what he should do.  The Adviser replied, "Bring in all the most educated, that they will present the best case."

So the King sent for the wisest scholars who would present the best reasons to define God in a way that would unite everyone.  In the end, only three were left, those whose words that the King found the most valid.  The King said " Let us decide now," and turned to the three and said, "Give me a reason to select you, and no other."

In the first case a wizened old man bowed deeply, and said, "It is obvious, the Sun is God.  This orb is the reason we have the most fertility, for when it shines the most, it is when we can plant and harvest the most food.  When the sun shines least, our crops do not grow."

"Ah," the King nodded , "sounds very good, who will dare to disagree."  In that instance the second scholar approached the throne.  "Your highness," he began,  "the Sun is indeed powerful, but it is the Clouds that are truly divine.  Not only can they block sunlight, but they provide us with life giving water to drink.  Our crops need water or they will die."

The King sat and considered this new testimony.  " Very compelling," he said to the second scholar, "perhaps you are correct."

At that moment, the third and final scholar spoke.  "Your highness, they are both wrong.  The earth beneath our feet is truly where we find God.  The soil nurtures the seed that grow our crops and provides us with plants that heal the sick.  Trees from which we build the shelters that protect us from the weather, are provided by the ground in which we walk upon."

The King frowned.  What should he do?  In frustration, he dismissed all but his trusted adviser.  To him he turned and said, "Give me council, what am I to do?"

The adviser thought for a moment and then replied; '' In each case, your majesty, we find a belief that we are are controlled by outside sources.  These sources must be worshiped, or we will be punished.  However, in no case is this true.  We plant crops according to the time of year that in the past has given us the best results.  We do not worry about droughts because we have created reservoirs in case of need.  Our soil is worthless unless we fertilize properly and rotate our crops."

The King was in despair.  "What are the people to believe, how should I rule?"  The adviser looked the King straight in the eye, and with a dignity that is born of confidence replied; "Perhaps they should believe in themselves.  For our ability to use and understand the natural resources around us, to the benefit of all, is where we truly find the hand of the Divine."

Date- 8/11/2013.

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