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Sunday, October 2, 2016


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As another election approaches, the same old tired rhetoric is out in force.  How come we are still bombarded by phrases and slogansthat add nothing new to the latest election cycle?

"I'm Pro- Family"-  I love this one.  Oddly enough, I have never heard of anyone running on an "Anti- Family" platform.  Of course, many of those who trot this slogan out are happy to define "Family" for you.

"I Support Traditional Values."-  What?  A value system differs from individual to individual, and group to  group. In addition, are these "values" taken from what was considered the norm in 1900, 1950, 1980 or 2010?  History shows us that each generation learns from the past, and develops its own set of values.  This is a phrase with no real meaning.

"I'm Pro- Choice", or , "I'm Pro- Life."-  These are perhaps, the most divisive phrases of all.  Whatever your stance on abortion is, the implied meaning is clear;  These two short sentences are not meant to promote what their speakers stand for, but to point out what they oppose.  "Pro- Life"- is another way of saying the opposition is "Pro- Death or "Anti- Life."  When someone says they are "Pro- Choice", the implication is that to be against them you are "Anti- Freedom" or "Pro- Government Intervention" into personal privacy.

When deciding which candidates to chose, we must look beyond simple catch phrases.  Find out the reason or process that led them to take certain stands on issues you think are important.  Don't buy into worn out campaign slogans, it's a disservice to the entire electoral process.

Date-  8/21/2014

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