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Sunday, October 2, 2016

THE CLASSROOM. #4- 11/7/2015. (Date Received). LGBT Americans have waited too long. FROM- AL FRANKEN. U.S. SENATOR.

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Two years ago, the Senate passed the Employee Non-Discrimination Act. You may know it as ENDA. It was designed to give LGBT individuals legal protections in the workplace.

It never made it through the House.

With the huge victory of marriage equality in America earlier this year, it’s easy to think the job is done. Let’s all pack up and go home. But the fight for full LGBT equality is not done -- not by a long shot.

In too many states (and if you ask me, even one is “too many”), LGBT individuals can still be fired for who they are. Or evicted. They can be refused housing or denied credit.

And LGBT children who are bullied relentlessly in school, to the point that they fear for their physical safety, still do not have appropriate legal protections.

We protect people from racial discrimination and gender discrimination. We ban employers from discriminating on the basis of national origin or disability, too. It’s time we ended discrimination of the LGBT community in all areas of life -- workplace, education, housing, credit, everywhere.

We passed ENDA to end workplace discrimination, and it got stuck in the muck that is the House. So this time, we’re going for broke. We’ve got a new plan -- the Equality Act -- that presents comprehensive safeguards for LGBT people.

And this plan needs to go all the way.

The LGBT community has already waited too long...



Date-  11/7/2015.

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