Dianne Fischer
5 News Daily
(Fox News) --Speaking before a packed auditorium Donald Trump revealed his secret economic Stimulus Plan behind his "Make America Great Again" initiative. "It's no secret that the Average American is earning less today than they were before the 2008 recession." Stated Mr. Trump. "The reason is simple. There are people who know how to make money very easily, and they've rigged the system for themselves without sharing their secrets with people who really need it."
"I'm going to change all that" Mr. Trump added.
"It's time that people realized the amazing potential the American people have to create income for themselves and their families. The truth is, the average American can double or even triple their income today without making any changes to their current lifestyle." Mr. Trump went on.
The secret, he says, is in taking advantage of the leverage available on the internet.
"It's no secret that I made my fortune in real estate and television, because those were the best opportunities available at the time. But times have changed. Right now, an average American with no special skills and no investment can go out and start earning income online today."
Mr, Trump says the best opportunity available is a new program called Financial Independence Academy which teaches regular people to take advantage of this massive internet opportunity quickly and easily, and even places them with real online companies that pay them for their time comlpeting simple tasks.
"A.B. Anderson is absolutely changing the world with his Financial Independence Academy program" he said. "Normally, rich people keep the secrets to their wealth to themselves. But A.B., he has found an amazing opportunity, and he is sharing it with everyone. That's incredible."
Trump has not hidden his affection for Mr. Anderson. He has recently been praising him on social media for his efforts to teach regular people how to create amazing wealth in their spare time.