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Monday, January 30, 2017

WHAT A SHAME- A look at the low points in the modern media. HUMILIATION TELEVISION; IT DOESN'T GET ANY LOWER THAN THIS. PT 6.

Depression, Depressed, Forlorn

In part 5, we examined the "Save me from myself '' type of program as if everything was real and true to life. The incompetence, laziness, selfishness etc. were all present. This, of course, justifies the crude and boorish behavior of the tough but lovable host.

However, what if much, if not all of what is aired is complete fiction? 

Suppose a few minor problems are blown up out of proportion, and the conflict present in the business is the creation of staff writers and producers.  What would this mean?

I find it hard to believe that any successful Restaurant, Bar, Hotel, would risk a solid and hard earned reputation by pretending to be a location run by Buffoons and staffed by the Shiftless.  

However, what if the business is on the fence, straddling the bottom line of profit or loss.  The location is up against tough competition, and ownership can not figure a way to stand apart.  The employees are competent and loyal, with no real need for additional training.  The menu is given proper attention by the Chef and Kitchen staff.  The Decor is evaluated, with an eye to being trendy and up to date.  All these things may be true, but success has been elusive. Advertising has not resulted in an increase of customer traffic, and the continued existence of the concern is in jeopardy.

Suddenly, an offer becomes available that may turn things around, and comes at no
cost financially.

However, there is a catch... 
(Look for PT 7 in a future posting.)