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Saturday, February 18, 2017


Lighthouse, Night, Beacon, Historic

"Alright lad," MacDonald said, addressing Jones as he turned away from watching Moores ascent to the Light. "The Captain wants us to unload the supplies while we wait for Moore to come back down."

Captain Harvie had given the Second Mate detailed instructions before the Launch cast off, the destination being the east-side landing on Eilean Mor.

"Mr. MacDonald", the Captain had begun as the two faced each other in Harvies cabin. "Choose one of the crew to accompany you and Moore ashore.  Three men are enough to do what is needed.  Load supplies that may be necessary to get the Light functioning again."

"Aye Captain", was the immediate answer by his subordinate.  Then, with obvious hesitation, the Mate asked "What about Food, Water and Medical supplies?  I mean, they could still be..."

Harvie cut him off in mid-sentence, and spoke with a determined tone in his voice. "If all is well, and this is just a case of a breakdown in communications, I'll make sure that all supplies are landed by night fall. However, if the circumstances do not warrant landing such necessities, it would be wasted time and effort."

MacDonald understood the implied meaning in his Captains words, and did not press the issue. Changing the subject, he asked, "Do you think Jones would be a good choice for the third member of the landing party?"

Harvie smiled slightly.  He appreciated an officer who could understand a situation, even if it was unspoken.

Addressing the Mate, Harvie replied, "I trust your judgment, so Jones it is." 

Harvie turned, walked over to his desk, and sat down.  After a moment, he looked up at his Second Mate, and in a solemn voice issued his final orders.

"You and Jones are to land with Moore, but I want you both to unload the supplies while Moore investigates the Tower.  Do not accompany him initially, but wait until he returns and tells you what he has found.  If it is positive, return to the ship immediately.  If the situation seems dire, I want you and Jones to follow Moore on a return trip to the Tower.  Keep in mind his initial report on what he has found, and see if it matches up with what you and Jones encounter.  Be thorough and careful.  Return to the ship when you feel that you have an accurate grasp of the situation."

Harvie stood up, and extended his hand to MacDonald. "Good luck Mr. Mate.  I'm counting on you."
End of PT 6.

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