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Saturday, February 18, 2017


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As the Launch slowed, and came along side the Dock, Jones jumped onto the wooden platform and secured the mooring rope to one of the pilings. MacDonald controlled the momentum, and the boat was soon nestled against the arrival spot for visitors on the east-side landing.

Carefully, MacDonald stepped off and joined Jones on the Dock.  He turned around and looked back into the Launch.  Moore was still standing at the bow, staring at the Dock and mumbling something under his breath.

"What is it Moore?", he asked in a annoyed tone, "Are you just going to stand there, come on we've got work to do."  Slowly, Moore left the launch and joined his two companions on the dock .  Turning to face MacDonald he chuckled and said, "I thought to be a second mate, you had to have some sense."

MacDonald flushed angrily, "What the hell is that suppose to mean?", he replied stepping in so close that he and Moore were nearly nose to nose.

Moore smiled grimly and calmly said, "Come on Mac, this isn't your first trip.  Look around, what are we not seeing that we should."

Stepping away from Moore, the Mate moved his head back and forth, surveying the Dock. He then turned and lifted his face upward.  The Lighthouse was clearly visible, for it was located about 150 ft above the east-side landing.  As he looked, it dawned on him what Moore had meant when he said "...what we are not seeing that we should."

Turning back to Moore, he backed up a couple of steps, and quietly replied in a voice filled with regret.  ''Your right, I didn't think.  The Dock should be filled with empty casks and containers for us to take back aboard after we land fresh supplies."

"Yes", Moore said, as he too took a turn looking up at the light.  "But you know it's worse then that."  Without another word, Moore turned and began to climb up the slope leading to the Light.

The two shipmates stared silently at Moore, as he began his ascension.  Finally, after a couple of minutes, Jones spoke. "Mr. MacDonald, what did it mean, when he said it gets worse."

The Mate didn't turn to face Jones, but answered as he continued to watch Moore.

"Anyone manning the light, in this weather, would have seen the approach of the Hesperus hours ago.  Even if they didn't hear the hails from the ship, only a blind man could have not have noticed the ship, and our journey ashore in the Launch. In the past, these conditions always meant one thing;  At least one of the three man crew present on the island, greeting us at the Dock."
End of PT 5.

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