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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

WHAT A SHAME- A look at the low points in the modern media. HUMILIATION TELEVISION; IT DOESN'T GET ANY LOWER THAN THIS. PT 8.

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As the episode finally ends, there are smiles and tears or laughter and sobs. The Owners, Management and Employees are humbled by their second chance for success.  From the newly renovated Interior and Exterior, to the new skills they have acquired, they express their immense gratitude to the host.  It is a case of HERO WORSHIP that borders on the ludicrous.

Forgotten are the Insults, Threats and Demeaning Attitude towards the staff that were present earlier.  It is a new day for the Restaurant/Bar/Club, and the compliments from the customers seem to ensure future success.

Yet, through all of this, there is the unanswered question;  How much of what we have seen was true to life, and how much was scripted fiction, created by writers?

To be honest, I find anyone willing to treated like a piece of garbage, no matter what the reward, to be a failure waiting to happen.  Think about it, how bad is the situation for the business, that sacrificing pride and dignity is acceptable.  Do these Operators have such low self-esteem, that they are willing to fake or magnify incompetence just to please an arrogant, self-important blowhard?  In other words, even if the show is 100% scripted, why would any Self-confident Owner/Operator agree to such humiliation, which extends to their employees and family?

Think about it.  Suppose you are a viewer, and you live near the establishment.  A visit is considered, so how would the information provided on the show influence your decision? The only things you can know for certain are;

-  Management is willing to be portrayed as incompetent. To what degree they are actually incompetent, you have no way of knowing.

-  Safety concerns about the mishandling of food products, which could lead to illness if consumed, may have been an actual problem.  Would you take a chance that such practices have stopped now that the cameras are shut off?

-  For the new menu to work, the line staff must be properly trained.  Do you really believe that 2-3 days training can turn a below average cook, into one that has seen the light, and will prepare meals that are appealing and satisfying.

-  That a new look, will turn laziness and sloth among the wait staff into dedication and desire.  At least that is the claim.

In the end, if the Owner/ Managers, Line Staff, Wait Staff etc. are willing to look like
buffoons for the sake of free redecorating and an appearance on Cable Television, I doubt that customer satisfaction is high on their list of priorities.


Look for a new chapter of HUMILIATION TELEVISION in a future post.