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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

WHAT A SHAME- A look at the low points in the modern media. HUMILIATION TELEVISION; IT DOESN'T GET ANY LOWER THAN THIS. PT 7.

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Your establishment, be it a Restaurant, Bar, Club etc, is in trouble. Your looking for solutions, but nothing you try seems to work. Suddenly, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  A "Good Samaritan" reaches out to you, in the form of a TELEVISION PRODUCER.

Consider the following Scenario, which has the Television Executive offering the Owner/Operator a deal that will benefit them both.
Need a new look, no problem.

New equipment for your Kitchen and Freezer, no problem.

Redecorate the Dining Room, no problem.

Change the Exterior, no problem.

Publicity to introduce the "New You".  No problem.

Cost.  No Problem.  Free of charge.

However, to make up for the cost of all these improvements, we need to air a show that will attract viewers.  

The Host is the boss, and we need you to follow his lead.  No one is going to watch a show about competent people, having a run of bad luck.  So, were gonna "Create" situations that might not be exactly true to life, but in the end you'll be better for it.

What type of problems?  Nothing much.  We might have to;

-  Dirty up the Kitchen a bit.  Don't clean the grill very well, and let the grease traps fill up.
-  Show some improperly stored foods, like defrosted raw Chicken, that may cause a risk of contamination. 
-  Poke fun at your Decor, inside and out.  Also, we don't want a really clean dining room.

As for your employees, we can't have a staff that knows and performs their jobs well.  A big part of the show is the "Experts", brought in by the host, who will provide instruction to alleviate the incompetence they see.  So your workers have to "Dumb it down a bit."  Also, I'm afraid we may have to ask you to play the "Fool", so there are management weaknesses the Host can correct.  DON'T WORRY, IT'S ALL FOR THE BEST.

The above scenario will, basically, create a work of fiction passed off as true to life.
What are the possible consequences?
(Look for PT 8 in a future posting.)