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Friday, February 3, 2017

WHAT A SHAME- A look at the low points in the modern media. HUMILIATION TELEVISION; IT DOESN'T GET ANY LOWER THAN THIS. PT 9.

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As we search for truly embarrassing situations people are willing to be put in, just to get on T.V., some don't really shock us anymore.  Talk show formats, as I discussed in an earlier post, are so intellectually repellent that it actually says something about a person who considers it entertaining, and watches on a regular basis. 

Anyone who decides 15 minutes of fame is worth revealing Personal Failures, Family Discord, Social Faux Pas and any Humiliating Decisions they have ever made, deserves any form of condemnation they receive.  However, there is another type of programming that tries to cover the obvious lure of Degrading Guests, with the supposed solemness of the Courtroom.  I guess this is done to try and add an air of legitimacy to the proceedings.  Unfortunately, all it does is give our legal system another Black Eye.  It turns Legal proceedings into a Three- Ring Circus, and the noble position of Judge into that of Ring Master. We can call this REALITY TELEVISION-  AN UNREALISTIC AND IDIOTIC LOOK INTO THE U.S. JUSTICE SYSTEM, REGARDING CIVIL LAW.

I am not going to list the multitude of variations that make up this genre.  Feel free to let it apply to any "Judge...." or "...Court" programs that you can find.  Having sampled a variety currently airing, they seem basically interchangeable. The only difference I found was the amount of condescension, and the the type of insults that would issue from the mouth of the Baby-S..., uh, I mean Judge.

Before I go any further, let me offer a few things that may be unfamiliar to my readers outside the U.S., regarding Lawsuits in the Fifty- States.

-  Anyone can sue virtually any other Person, Corporation, Group etc. for basically any reason at all.  There are very few exceptions, and these are usually Lawsuits against Public Agencies and Individuals employed in the Public Sector.

-  Just because a Lawsuit is filed, does not mean that the reason behind it is any more valid or true then if no legal action had been taken at all.

-  Often, Lawsuits are settled before any Trial at all, with the Defendant paying Damages without admitting guilt or responsibility.  The Reason? Defending the Suit would be more costly, even if they were to prevail by verdict. 
Look for PT 10.