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Tuesday, March 28, 2017


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The story told by First Mate Martin of the JUPITER, regarding the investigation of the Hold on the ALBATROSS, has caused quite a stir in this Seaside Metropolis.

Boston Maritime Officials have not commented on this Testimony, but sources say they are quite perplexed.

Here are portions of the Further Sworn Testimony given by Martin, the facts which were affirmed by the two crewmen who accompanied him. This concerns the exploration of the Hold.

Martin- "As we went below, a strong odor of Decay was noticed.  There was very little water, so she still seemed watertight.  The smell was terrible, like rotting food left out in the Sun.  I sent Drury Forward, and Lyons Aft, while I remained Amidships.  The Cargo, if there ever was any, was gone.  There were a few mostly empty Barrels turned over, but nothing else.  It was, as if, she been unloaded in a a hurry. All we found were scraps of what seemed to be well cooked Beef and Mutton, sticking to the insides of the Barrels."

Martin was questioned as to the General Condition of the Hold.  "Well, my Mates and I did notice a couple of things.  There was a Green Type of Growth, almost like Mold, covering much of the Deck and Walls.  It seemed to be everywhere, and was starting to cover the stairs leading up to the Main Deck."

When asked if he was sure that it was Mold, and nothing else, Martin replied, "Well I don't know what else to call it. But, when I touched it, it didn't feel right. It was warm, and the surface felt like Skin, Hard and Rough.  I know I said it seemed like Mold, but I won't swear an Oath to it."

When asked if he had anything more to add about the condition of the Hold, Martin had hesitated.  When prompted again by Officials, he replied: "Maybe it's was just Nerves, but I always had a feeling of being watched, at least when we were below. I know your probably thinking that I was spooked, or a bit daft. But Drury and Lyons felt the same thing.  Never was I more relieved then when we returned to the Main Deck, with the Feel of the Sun on my face.  You want to know what was in the Hold?  The Look, Smell and Feeling of Death."

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