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Friday, March 17, 2017

WHAT A SHAME- A look at the low points in the modern media. THEY SAID...WHAT? ARE YOU SURE? PT 3.

Marketing, Sales, Promotions

For Clarification, take a look at the examples given in Part 2.

When a Commercial Promoting a Certain Individual for Elected Office is shown, how often do you hear the word "Politician" used to define the Person being Endorsed? Probably never, or very rarely.  Why? Because we tend to associate the Term with Dishonesty and Secrecy, and a Lack of Trust. 

I know it's a silly question, but do you think that the Ad Agency took the time to conduct a Survey about the Opinions of Moms who "Care" about Eliminating Germs and Bacteria?  What would the Control Group be, Uncaring Moms who let Their Family Live in Filth?  Of course not. "Mom" is a Buzz Word that is supposed to Stir Up Feelings of Safety, Security, Love and Most of all TRUST.

Nothing Lends to Feelings of Nostalgia like the phrase "OLD FASHION" or "OLD FASHIONED."  It is a Natural Tendency for many Human Beings to Romanticize their Childhood Memories, and Create a Fantasy World that has Little Basis in Reality.  A look back at "THE GOOD OLD DAYS", is a Time Tested Gimmick to remind Consumers of Easier and Simpler Times.  Whether or not that is in Anyway True, is Immaterial to the Goal of Selling Products.

A "Guarantee" is also a misleading term, often cloaked in a Disguise of Honesty and Integrity.  Unless it specifically refers to certain Goods and Services, it could apply to just about anything.  A Guarantee in an Advertisement is meant to imply Trust and Honesty, but all that Counts is what is Promised in the Contract.

Are all words used in the Above Example that references "Guarantee."  However, it is apparent that the Emotional Response desired by using them, is in Direct Opposition to that of Guarantee.

Consider the Following;

HIDDEN-  Sneaky, Underhanded.

STUCK-  Force, Involuntary.

CHARGES-  Cost, Spend, Wasteful.

Naturally, it would be Risky to use these Alternate Terms in a Commercial Advertisement, for they Imply Deliberate Forms of Deceit.  Yet the same Message can be delivered Loud and Clear, with a little Creativity and a Good Dictionary.

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