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Saturday, April 15, 2017


As I have said earlier, it is thought that most people in prison are Sociopaths, but that doesn't mean most Sociopaths are in prison.

Since a Sociopath is an individual who "Lacks a Conscience,"  and feels no remorse for how their actions affect others, the opportunity to manipulate and use people for any reason whatsoever is only limited by Ability, Imagination and Means.

However, what really separates one Sociopath from another, is the ability to control their urges and desires to accomplish what they consider to be important.  This is the misconception that many people have;  They see the wild - eyed crazed individual being placed in hand-cuffs on Television, and think, "Who couldn't see that the guy is a Sociopath, it's so obvious."  Unfortunately, what they are often witnessing is the FAILED SOCIOPATH, who lacks the discipline and control to see beyond immediate or short term returns of physical and/or emotional gratification. 

This brings us to both the Strengths and Weaknesses of Sociopaths, and how they ultimately earn the designation of;  ACCOMPLISHED SOCIOPATH, FUNCTIONAL SOCIOPATH, AND FAILED SOCIOPATH:

THE ABILITY TO DELAY GRATIFICATION-  Remember, the Sociopath is not Mentally ILL.  There is no chemical imbalance or physical deformity in the Brain that causes behavior that cannot be controlled.  In other words, their actions are not dependent upon Biological Factors that are beyond their control.  The choices they make are independent, and are arrived at by the same mental processes that are found in the Mind of all Sane and Rational Human Beings.  However, The Failed Sociopath cannot see the possibility of future events that promise greater rewards, and that by manipulating others and avoiding immediate gratification, promise long term benefits of Needs and Desires met and satisfied.

While it is true that the Failed Sociopath is capable of using and manipulating others to their own benefit, it is usually accomplished very quickly, with the victim only seeing a brief glimpse of the person they may have only just met.  Often, it is a quick "Can I get what I want now moment," in which the Failed Sociopath puts out the "Bait" almost immediately.  The Bait might be;

-  Immediate access to needed aid.

-  A promise of employment.

-  Helping a friend or relative of the potential victim.

-  Providing companionship to the lonely.

Of course, there are many more possible scenarios, but the above examples were given to help put in end to a COMMON MYTH:  THAT THE VICTIM OF A SOCIOPATH IS OFTEN A CRIMINAL OR DEADBEAT, WHO WAS JUST A VICTIM OF THEIR OWN GREEDY DESIRES.

In the case of the Failed Sociopath, the victim is often an individual who is vulnerable, and may have recently suffered a catastrophic loss, or is facing a life changing dilemma that makes them desperate.  These conditions, among others, often provide a veil for the Failed Sociopath, who knows how to work the pain and misery of others.
SEE PT 15.

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