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Monday, April 17, 2017


So what makes the FAILED SOCIOPATH, easier to spot and identify than the ACCOMPLISHED SOCIOPATH and the FUNCTIONAL SOCIOPATH?

In practical terms, in can be summed up with the following Personality Traits that are usually manifested by their actions;

They are often very IMPULSIVE- It is the lack of Mental Discipline and Self- Control, that under certain circumstances, completely breaks down. A complete inability to control their Base Desires, if a certain scenario is played out before them.

Besides acting on Impulse, often to the immediate detriment of their chosen lifestyle, they seem incapable of looking beyond immediate gratification, if a certain situation presents itself. It is often related to the phrase, "They must have snapped." 

However, this drastic change of behavior is sometimes just a reaction to a situation that brought out the True Nature of the Failed Sociopath. This can happen Once, Twice, Several or Many times.

While the Failed Sociopath may react on Pure Impulse, this is often triggered by a perception that the "Time is Right" or "Nows my Chance." It is often the faulty assumption that their immediate actions, have little chance of discovery, or will result in no Negative Personal Consequences.

What makes the Failed Sociopath different from the first two Categories, is the inability to judge the Reality of a given Situation. They are Reckless,Thoughtless and given to taking risks for Immediate Gratification, that the Successful Sociopath would never even consider. To a lesser extent, this is also true of the Functional Sociopath.

While it is true that the Failed Sociopath can get away with certain actions that may never be found out, it is Cunning that they rely on, not objectivity. This means that luck is sometimes the key to getting away with certain Crimes.
SEE PT 16.

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