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Saturday, April 8, 2017


Ghost Ship, Spirit Ship, Horror

After the inspection of the hold, First Mate Martin told the Inquiry that he ordered the return to the 
JUPITER by the Boarding Party.

"Finding no Trace of the Crew, we returned to the Launch, and proceeded back to the Ship.

Captain Wallace, Master of the JUPITER, was then brought back to be questioned by Maritime Officials.

When asked what he did after receiving First Mate Martins report, Wallace replied that the apparent Abandonment of the ALBATROSS, by its crew, made no sense.

"She was reported to be Sound and Watertight, the reason for leaving her was puzzling."

Wallace then continued, "I realized little could be accomplished by remaining alongside this Ship, and being on a Schedule with the JUPITER, I raised Sail and continued on Course to the next Port of Call."

-----  Well that is the end of the story.  As I said at the beginning, this is a work of Fiction.  However, it has Elements in it that are common among many Weird Stories and Legends told about the BERMUDA TRIANGLE.

However, it is these similarities among many of the stories that casts doubt on the Reality or Truth regarding many parts of the Tale.  In fact, sometimes it leaves us with the Conclusion that the Story is 100% Fiction.  The Reason is simple;  That the Research is often incomplete, and that many of the related facts are of Dubious Quality.  Additionally, the Omission of Certain Data makes Identifying the Story as a real event virtually impossible.

What do I mean?  Lets take a look at the body of the story.

1)  The story Initially starts out as relating a story that seems to be taken from a Newspaper or Periodical.  Yet, the name is never revealed, nor is the Identity of the Writer or the Reporter.  The Complete Date may not be revealed, making Research Verifying the details very difficult.

2)  Official sounding Terms like "Maritime Officials", "Inquiry", "Testimony" are often included to give the story an Illusion of Authenticity, since "Government" became involved in the Mystery.  They are also Vague Enough to sound Realistic and Plausible, but Specific Agencies and Individuals are not named or Identified.

Sometimes, it's what is not said or revealed in the story, that gives us the biggest clue about the Authenticity of the Tale.

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