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Monday, April 10, 2017



Wreck, Vaisseau Fantome, Ghost Ship

As I said in Part 4, there are things that are not revealed in a story you may read about a case involving the Bermuda Triangle, that give an indication about the "Reality" of the facts given in the story.

For example, in my sample story the Abandoned Schooner "ALBATROSS", was searched and then left to the Elements.  This would probably have never happened in a True Story.  

Maritime Salvage Laws would have allowed a Prize Crew to be placed Aboard the Deserted Vessel, who would then Sail the Ship into Port. This would mean a Substantial Reward for the Captain and Crew of the "JUPITER", either from the Owners, or the Insurance carried against loss.  Leaving a Seaworthy Ship in the Middle of the Ocean would make little sense. 

Getting back to the story itself, there is other information not given that would cast doubt about the Details being a Road Map to the Truth.

How so?

-  We have the Name of the Deserted Ship, and its supposed Destination, but not its Port of Embarkation and Cargo.

-  The Ships Master, and the Current Owners are not revealed.

-  In Fact, other then the Name "ALBATROSS", and that it is a Schooner, nothing else is revealed to aid in Researching the Event of its Disappearance.  Things such as Launch Date, Sailing History, Home Port, and Ownership History are not reported.

This was, of course, a Fictional Story.  However, when you read some of the "Strange Tales of the Sea",  that are included in the Bermuda Triangle Legend, look for Omissions like these, and consider how Plausible the "TRUE STORY" really is.

Look for Specific Examples given in Future Posts.

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