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Sunday, November 12, 2017




I build doghouses with PETA because no dog should ever have to face a frigid winter without shelter.

Building a doghouse
Dear David,
To see a dog shivering, huddled on the cold, frosty ground just trying to stay warm … it breaks my heart. That's why I do what I do: build doghouses for neglected "outdoor dogs" with PETA.
But at this time each year, as days grow shorter and temperatures drop, my work becomes all the more urgent. Winter is nearly here—and neglected dogs who don't get shelter in time may not survive until spring.
...but right now, there aren't enough funds to build all the doghouses that we need to deliver before the dangerous winter weather sets in. 
I've seen firsthand the conditions that so many dogs are forced to live in—soaking wet and caked with mud, which puts them at risk for painful infections. When it snows, they curl up in the plastic crate or broken barrel that serves as their sad excuse for "shelter" and struggle to make it through the long, cold night.
Their owners do have a choice—and PETA's fieldworkers do everything that they can to encourage them to make the right one. But when they can't be persuaded to allow their dogs indoors and local officials won't enforce the meager provisions of the law, we do everything in our power to make suffering dogs more comfortable. We provide them with sturdy doghouses, straw bedding, a toy to play with, and even basic medical care such as flea and tick treatment.
Ultimately, the number of dogs we can help depends on how much support we get from friends...
Fletch Davis

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