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Monday, November 20, 2017

Honor the lives lost. Asia Kate Dillon.

It breaks my heart that violence against the transgender community has reached an all-time high.
We have lost at least 25 transgender people this year — it is as tragic as it is senseless.
One of the lives lost was my friend, Kendra Marie Adams — known to some as Josie. She was the 13th trans woman of color to be murdered in 2017, and I will never ever forget her.
Despite the heartbreak, I have channeled my sadness into a deepened commitment. A commitment to support and uplift our trans siblings, especially those of color — who are at a heightened risk for violence.
No one is free until we are ALL free. I firmly believe this — as an HRC supporter, I’m sure you do, too.
So today on Transgender Day of Remembrance, let us take a moment to pause and honor the lives lost this year. Then take another moment and make a commitment to do something more to help stop the hatred, discrimination and deadly violence that plagues transgender people.
No one should live in fear of being murdered just for being their true and authentic self. Not in this country — not anywhere.
Thank you for reading my message and reading Kendra’s story.
To all my fellow non-binary gender and trans siblings: I see you, I love you, you matter to me.
With hope,
Asia Kate Dillion
Actor & HRC Activist

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