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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Tell the Senate: REJECT the GOP "tax cut" bill. U.S. SENATOR CHRIS MURPHY.

David -
Make no mistake about it, David: the “tax cut” bill Republicans passed in the House of Representatives yesterday wasn’t for you.

That bill was written for the billionaires and the mega-corporations Republican elites count as their core constituency. For ordinary Americans out there who don’t count themselves as part of the top 1/10 of 1 percent, this bill is a massive redistribution of wealth from your family to those who already have it all.

But as bad as the House bill is, the Senate bill is even worse. Because not only does it have many of the same giveaways to the ultra-rich, it also has provisions that would all but destroy the Affordable Care Act.

As if it wasn’t cruel enough to take away people’s health care to get back at President Obama, now Republicans are trying to do it to fund tax cuts for billionaires.

The Senate is likely going to vote on this bill soon, and the first step to stopping them is getting the public on the record opposing their scheme. Say you’re with me.

Republicans have repeatedly gone on the record that this tax bill is written to placate ultra-rich donors and the large CEOs of this country who stand to gain the most. And to do it in a way that will take away health care from millions? My God.
It’s time to mobilize. Right now.

Every best wish,

Chris Murphy
U.S. Senator, Connecticut

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