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Friday, December 29, 2017


David -
As 2017 winds down, I want to take a minute and look back at what we've accomplished together in 2017.
- We recruited as many candidates as possible across the Commonwealth, running Democrats in 88 of Virginia's 100 districts -- a record in modern times for Democrats.
- We held three candidate training weekends to train candidates to run professional campaigns that emphasize voter contact, door knocking, and volunteer engagement.
- We helped campaigns in primaries hire qualified staff so that our Democratic nominees were ready to go on Day 1.
- We invested early in 50+ paid organizers in 16 districts all across the Commonwealth.
- We guaranteed that nearly 80 candidates for the House of Delegates were included in the state-wide Coordinated Get Out the Vote program.
- We conducted research and helped lead a paid voter contact program in 20+ districts all across the Commonwealth.
- We helped put 12+ candidates on television in critical markets.
- We worked to ensure aggressive digital buys behind 20+ candidates.
- We stretched our budget and spent wisely to reach as many voters as possible.
- We raised nearly $500,000 from grassroots supporters alone (!!!)
- We worked with partner and volunteer organizations to spread the map even further -- including the DLCC, the Virginia AFL-CIO, Daily Kos, Emily's List, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, Flippable, Forward Majority, LCV, Indivisible, NARAL, Virginia's List, Sierra Club, Emerge, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Sister District, Run for Something, Planned Parenthood, New Virginia Majority, ARS, AFSCME, IBEW, Carpenters, CWA, Giffords PAC, Teamsters, UAW... and many more...
We've picked up a record 15 seats in the House of Delegates -- and we're still fighting hard for the voters of HD-28 and HD-94 to have their voices properly represented in Richmond. We won't stop working until we're confident that every vote has been counted fairly and that (we could have never imaged this would be a thing) voters who live in a district are given the ability to actually vote in the district they live in.
The hard work and dedication of our committed volunteers and supporters made this year possible. I can't tell you how many candidates who are now Delegates-Elect I said the following phrase to, "We want your surfboard waxed and ready for the wave." Thanks to you, we were ready and rode that wave to the biggest Democratic pickup in the modern history of Virginia.
So once again -- THANK YOU -- for your support throughout 2017. House Democrats will continue fighting for voters in HD-28 and HD-94...


Trent Armitage
Executive Director
Virginia House Democrats.

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