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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Dreamers deserve better. U.S. SENATOR COREY BOOKER.


Despite publicly saying they want to protect “Dreamers,” Republican leaders are ready to end the year without fixing the mess that President Trump created when he unilaterally repealed President Obama’s DACA program.

Republicans are content to go home and enjoy the holiday with their families, while their inaction will mean 800,000 young people, who are American in every way except they lacked proper documentation when they were brought to the US as kids, will spend their holidays in fear.

Join me in demanding that GOP leadership act NOW to permanently protect Dreamers from deportation.

It’s unconscionable that we would let 800,000 young people live each day wondering if they will be forced from their homes, their jobs, and the lives they’ve built here in the United States and be sent to a country they don’t know.

That’s why nearly 80% of Americans agree that protecting the legal status of Dreamers is the right thing to do. But, still, Republicans refuse to act.

Tell GOP leadership that the price of inaction is too high. We MUST act before the end of the year to protect Dreamers from deportation.

Thank you for your support,


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