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Tuesday, December 19, 2017


From Protest to Power

The House of Representatives passed the GOP Tax Scam by 24 votes. The Senate could vote as early as tonight. We are fighting the tax scam by jamming their phone lines to demand our Members of Congress vote no. Keep the heat on by calling your Senators now. 
The rich and big corporations are about to get what President Donald Trump called “a big beautiful Christmas present.” GOP politicians have sold their souls to pay back their billionaire donors. Wall Street is about to have a party at our expense even though two thirds of people know that the tax scam will help the rich instead of working and middle class families and the poor.
There must be a political price to pay for the tax scam. If we can’t change the minds of GOP Members of Congress, then it’s time to change who is in office. 
We call this a tax scam because the vast majority of tax cuts go to the wealthiest people and corporations. Meager tax cuts for working and middle class families will expire in 2025. The tax scam will starve the government and soon the GOP will come for your Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. It will drive 13 million from their health care plans.
This is a disaster from top to bottom. The tax scam pays for corporate tax cuts by increasing individual income taxes on poor and middle-class Americans in the long run.

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